Wanna see some sexy naked pictures of True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard, Joe Manganiello and Ryan Kwanten?

True Blood returned to US TV screens on Sunday night and the episode surely was one to behold!

In the instalment titled ‘I’m Alive And On Fire’ which went out on HBO there was the usual mix of action and romance but what we loved seeing, was the amount of nudity involved for some of our favourite TV hunks.

Alexander Skarsgard – who plays vampire sheriff Eric – was the first to shed his clothes and can be seen emerging from a lake below hsowing off those abs of his to perfection!

Next up was Joe Manganiello, better known as werewolf Alcide, who is also competing for Sookie’s heart and we’re pretty sure he isn’t wearing any underwear under those jeans!

Jason (Ryan Kwanten) had an action packed episode and during a fight in which he killed werepanther Felton Norris, he escaped Hotshot but sustained some nasty looking bites. Even though he’s ill, he still looks pretty hot in the pictures below.

The only thing missing from our gallery, is some naked shots of Stephen Moyer aka vampire king Bill Compton.

He’s married to his blonde co-star Anna Paquin – who plays Sookie Stackhouse – and in a recent interview she admitted that she quite enjoys filming sex scenes with him.

Conversely, Skarsgard revealed that he hates filming illicit scenes with Paquin, because he looks on her like a sister in real life.

If you missed last week’s True Blood, or if you live in the UK and haven’t had the benefit of season four just yet, then check out the clip below, we promise you won’t be disappointed. Eric may have lost his memory, but thankfully he hasn’t lost his muscle definition!