The Wanted reveal that their new music will be more personal

by Martin

The Wanted

The Wanted released their new album ‘Word Of Mouth’ earlier this month and the band have revealed that their new music (we assume once the tour is done) will be considerably more personal than what fans are perhaps used to hearing.

Last week the band also held a special meet & greet session for their fans at Oxford Street’s HMV store in London for 350 lucky fans but speaking with Extra TV they revealed what they want to do next.

Max George admitted that the group want to branch out with their songwriting and want to share more personal and intimate stories with their fans through the music they release.


Max said: “I think the first two albums were quite mainstream in the sense that there were a lot of upbeat tracks and we still have a party vibe to this album, but we felt it was time for us to share things that have happened in our personal lives considering that the fans have waited two years for this. It was time to tell a few stories about ourselves.”

When asked if they would ever get as personal as Taylor Swift does in her songs Max George added:  “I don’t know about that! Although she has done alright so maybe we should take a leaf out of her book.”


The Wanted seem to have quite a bit of material already written, so much so that earlier in the week singer Siva Kaneswaran revealed to Digital Spy that 2014 could see them release two albums:

“We’re straight back to work on the next album in the new year. This one will be coming out a lot faster. There may even be two albums next year, maybe two. We’ve recorded so many songs that we really love but didn’t fit this album.”

Have a listen to ‘Show Me Love (America)’ by The Wanted which is lifted from their new album ‘Word Of Mouth’.