Watch THAT hideously awkward Bruce Willis interview on The One Show! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

bruce willis

Fans of BBC’s The One Show will know that hosts Matt Baker and Alex Jones conducted an interview with US legend Bruce Willis that might have been subtitled, Pulling Teeth or I Wish I Was Dead as the actor ignored questions and appeared as though he’d rather be just about anywhere else.

In fact, the only time he became at all animated during the entire cringe making proceedings was when he criticized the name of the movie he was there to promote, A Good Day to Die Hard.

The Mirror reports that while writing on the BBC’s Points of View forum about the hideously awkward interview, one viewer remarked, “It’s not often that I feel sorry for Matt and Alex but this was torture…

“(They) desperately tried to ask questions and get something of interest out of him whilst he mumbled and hesitated and was generally incoherent.

“They obviously thought that they had a major coup getting a Hollywood A list star on the show but Willis showed himself to be little better than a mumbling moron.”

Another viewer wrote, “What was his problem because he was not interested at all why bother appearing like an idiot.

“This was a shameful appearance and full credit to the presenters who did a great job with an ignorant couldn’t care less man.”

bruce willis, the one show

Following the show, Alex took to Twitter and in reply to one fan tweeting that Bruce was “not a good interviewee” Alex replied, “It was a bit of a challenge, to say the least.”

She later tweeted, “Bruce Willis has tired me out. Night everyone.”

But back to the interview itself, and while Matt was trying to praise the new film, Bruce cut in, saying “Let me ask you guys, what about the title? Are you confused by it?”

Alex replied, “I was at first but I’ve thought about it and I’m alright with it now.”

Bruce said, “I don’t understand it. ‘It’s a Good Day to Die Hard’? No, I’m still working on it.”

He went on to say, “Yeah, it’s fun. We blow a lot of stuff up. There’s good guys and bad guys, and a bad girl.”

But he wouldn’t let the title debacle lie and added, “It’s a difficult title. A Good Day to Die Hard?

“It’s like, have a sandwich and let’s go shopping – then Die Hard.”

When an increasingly flustered Matt asked, “Is that would you would have called the film?” Bruce replied, “It would have made about as much sense.”

Yikes! In case you didn’t see it, here it is…


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