Waterloo Road: Audrey and Ndale’s wedding day doesn’t run smoothly while Lorraine’s announcement provokes a walk-out and Esther continues to manipulate Lula


It’s the day of Audrey and Ndale’s wedding but, with a jealous Sonya as a bridesmaid, happily-ever-after isn’t guaranteed. Elsewhere, Michael keeps his plans for Waterloo Road a secret from Christine, Lula steps up her animal rights campaigning and Nikki’s first day as head teacher doesn’t quite go to plan.

Sonya is sent into a spin when she learns that Audrey and Ndale are to move to London once they are married. Enraged, Sonya writes a note revealing her affair with Ndale but he quickly flips the situation to his advantage, convincing Audrey to go ahead with the wedding. But when Sonya makes a shocking discovering, Ndale realises that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.


Meanwhile, worried about the future of Waterloo Road whilst it remains in Lorraine’s hands, Michael secretly meets with the council to convince them to take over the school. But his argument is almost immediately undermined when Christine leads a staff walk out after learning of Lorraine’s plans to make Waterloo Road a fee-paying school.

Lorraine remains undeterred by the strike and enlists the help of a number of substitute teachers. There’s a familiar face among the strike-breakers in world-weary modern languages teacher George Windsor. George is quick to make an impression on Nikki, but its for all the wrong reasons.

Finally, Esther continues to manipulate Lula as she convinces her to step up her campaign against Nox Pharmaceuticals. And when Esther spots an opportunity to infiltrate Nox, she spurs Lula’s activism further – regardless of the consequences.

Waterloo Road continues tonight on BBC1 at 8pm

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