Waterloo Road: Maggie is upset over Jade’s adoption plans

by Lisa McGarry

waterloo road

Waterloo Road is nearing the end of it’s series and in the 17th of 20 episode this evening, emotions are running high amongst staff and pupils.

Maggie is upset when she finds out that Jade is planning to put her baby up for adoption; the PRU pupils prepare to show their mettle to the school and an anxious Sian; and Connor is surprised when he finds a pregnancy testing kit.

First up Scout and Maggie are shocked when they discover that Jade has been enquiring about adoption as a future for her baby and they make it their mission to dissuade her from her plan. Maggie offers to take the child herself, even though Grantly is from from agreement. The situation isn’t helped when Jade is informed that the baby’s father, Drew, has had his prison sentence extended for violent behaviour.

The would-be adoptive parents, Kaz and Sarah, seem like the only ones Jade can trust – but they have a secret of their own which their hiding from the schoolgirl.

In the Mulgrew household, Connor finds a pregnancy test and confronts Imogen, telling her he’ll stick by her and the baby. But when Imogen reveals it’s not her test, Connor realises there’s only one other person it could belong to… his mum, Christine.

When Michael overhears Connor discussing the situation with his friends, he confronts Christine, who explains it was a false alarm. However, the scare spells the end of their relationship, as Michael’s reaction makes it agonisingly clear to Christine he’s not ready to commit.

Meanwhile, the PRU pupils prepare for their big presentation to the school. It’s their chance to shine but Sian fears troublemaker Barry Barry will ruin it for everyone.

Later, when Jade catches Kaz flirting with Lorraine, the truth is revealed – Kaz and Sarah aren’t together anymore. Jade’s dream of finding a perfect couple to raise her baby appear dashed and, stressed by the secrets and lies that surround her, she unexpectedly goes into labour.


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  1. Jennie on February 14, 2013 at 10:27 pm

    I love waterloo road sooooooo much! I think I might be obsessed with Connor and Imogen! I KNEW he would ask her to marry him! I really think Kirstie Steele and Shane O’Meara play the part so well. I dont know what I’ll do when the series stops!!!!!!!!! 🙁
    to all the wonderful cast!

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