Waterloo Road: Michael tries to stop Lorraine’s plans, Lula’s campaign reaches a shocking conclusion and Carol has a plan to reunite the Barry family


In this week’s instalment of Waterloo Road – Michael makes one last attempt to stop Lorraine from making the school fee-paying; Lula’s campagin against Nox Pharmaceuticals reaches a shocking conclusion and Carol takes drastic action to reunite her family.

Michael is back as headmaster, and is now key to keen to get Waterloo Road until Local Authority Control. When Department of Education representative Robert Baine visits the school he’s impressed with what he sees. But, when Lorraine finds out about Michael’s deception, she is less than pleased. Michael tries to reason with Lorrane, but finds out she won’t be emotionally blackmailed, and she announces her fee-paying plans are going ahead.

Realising he’s been beaten by Lorraine, Michael decides to walk away from Waterloo Road for the last time. Christine suggests that they leave together, but he drops a bombshell by telling her he no longer loves her. Meanwhile Nikki delivers some harsh truths to her sister and Lorraine also reveals the game is up. This spells the end for both Lorraine and Michael at Waterloo Road, but at the same time opens the door of opportunity for Christine.


Elsewhere, Lula’s plan to expose Nox Pharmaceuticals for their animal cruelty goes awry. Fuelled by anger, she hatches a plan to attack Lorraine, but it’s Esther who finds herself caught in the crossfire.

Finally, in a bid to reunite her family, Carol decides that the Barrys should air their issues on a TV chat show. While Kevin is horrified by the proposition, Dynasty sees it as an opportunity to shame her mother.

Waterloo Road continues tonight on BBC at 8pm

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