Waterloo Road: New Pupil Fergal causes trouble, Grantly struggles to keep his illness a secret and Lorraine has a surprise announcement to make

by Matt D

Waterloo Road

Waterloo Road returns tonight for the final term of the new series. In this first episode back we are introduced to new by Fergal who makes enemies with Lula after he tempts Harley to behave dangerously out of character. Meanwhile Lorraine has a surprise announcement to make and Grantly is struggling to keep his illness under wraps.

Fergal is reminded by his mother, Teresa that Waterloo Road is the family’s last chance. Ignoring these warnings, Fergal ends up taking drugs in the school toilets and is later caught by Barry. Ever the opportunist, Barry coerces Fergal into a dodgy deal, supplying drugs to the whole school.


Fergal gets to work straight away and offers Harley some pills. Lula is horrified but can do nothing to stop Harley, who is sick of being treated like a child. However, when Harley does take the pills there are disastrous consequences. When Fergal’s drug-dealing is exposed, Michael invites Teresa to school for a showdown and it’s not long before Nikki unravels the family’s secret.

Meanwhile, Grantly and Maggie struggle to come to terms with the fact that he’ll need a kidney transplant. Grantly is determined to keep his health condition private from the rest of the school but Maggie can’t bottle up her feelings. And when Maggie’s hopes of donating a kidney to Grantly are dashed, she can’t stay quiet any longer.

Finally there’s shock for Michael and the rest of the staff when Lorraine announce she’s appointed Nikki as the school’s new Deputy Head. Michael confronts Lorraine about not consulting him first but she reminds him that its her school so she can do what she likes. Lorraine later confides in Nikki that Waterloo Road faces dramatic budget cuts if it wants to stay open. Nikki offers heartfelt support to Lorraine and it appears as if there’s a growing affection between the two women.

Waterloo Road returns tonight on BBC1 at 8pm

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