We’ve Been Watching – Jimmy’s Global Harvest

by Lynn Connolly

It seems, if you tell Aunty Beeb that you have a dream, chances are, if you’re affable and rather lovely – just like Jimmy – she’ll make your wish come true. Jimmy had always dreamed of going to Brazil, so Beeb took him there on the premise of checking out what they were doing to feed the world, and let them know it’s Christmastime and feed the world…

Oops, sorry, slid off into a song there, but in terms of feeding the world, Brazil’s doing its bit by making previously unusable soil fertile by adding lime to it. Ok, fair enough, that seems harmless enough, but Jimmy also discovered that farmers use something called PBZ to spray on their fruit trees which allows them to grow fruit all year round.

Now, maybe I’m completely wrong, but things that interfere with nature’s order worry me, especially when they’re initials. I’ve not idea what PBZ stands for, we might’ve been told and I just wasn’t paying attention, preferring to look rather longingly at Jimmy’s rear in jeans, but it doesn’t sound good.

Jimmy also took us on a guided tour of what used to be a rainforest but is now somewhere to park bazillions of cows. That can’t be good either can it Jimmy? Well, he didn’t think so either but on the other hand, as he pointed out, the world’s demand for food is outstripping supply, so something’s got to give.

However, I would’ve quite liked to have seen Jimmy address the issue of the food mountains rotting away somewhere; why can’t that be distributed around the world? Why cut down yet more rainforest when there’s a glut of various amounts of food wasted in massive quantities rather than give it away?

But there, there’s no money to be made in giving food away, so while there’s without doubt an argument for making some sacrifices to feed the growing world, there are also some solutions that are being ignored in favour of capitalism.

In short, it was a nice enough film; we got to see Jimmy, who I like a lot, as you may have gathered, going all over the shop. We got to see some remarkable vistas and all manner of critters, as well as a positive armada of combine harvesters which shook the ground under our hero. But there were no really serious questions asked or discussed here.

It was a pleasant bit of a travelogue really, but nothing more.

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.