We’ve Been Watching: Benidorm


Oh it’s so good to be back with the misfits and freaks in Benidorm! The Oracle, his mum/PA, gayer than gay Gavin and Troy and of course, the leather skinned, miserable and constantly cruel Madge, and the rest of the long suffering Garvey family.

Mick’s still fighting his dislike of step-father-in-law Mel in the hope that when he dies, Mick and Janice will inherit his fortune. And Mel’s got a new business venture to add to that fortune too; selling and hiring out mobility scooters, with his selling point being, “You don’t have to be a cripple” in order to enjoy a mobility scooter; you just have to be a lazy git.

Sheridan Smith added to the going-with-a-bang start to the new series, starring as she did as gobby scouser Brandy, who’s rather inexplicably friends with the buttoned-up Martin. He’s now single, his wife having apparently gone off to be miserable elsewhere, and he fancies a snifter of Brandy…

The swingers Jacqueline and Donald were of course back too, and we were left in little doubt that they enjoyed finding out why ‘Sticky Vicky’ was so named… eww.

In Friday’s series opener though, many of the really good lines were given to Gavin, whose wit is rapier and whose ability to utilise sarcasm is awe inspiring. I absolutely love the man.

I’ve noticed in some other reviews of Benidorm that it seems to be rather de rigueur to slam the show for being too low class and appealing to people of an intellect that’s rather beneath that of the lofty TV critics who’ve lambasted it, however, to you all I would say this…. Frig off!

Leave our Benidorm alone! If we want highbrow and less toilet humour, we’ll watch something else; we want it guttural, we want it full of profanity and innuendo and we want it just as it is – a piece of genuinely original, consistently funny writing and acting.

And I noticed in one review that Benidorm was compared to the Carry On films, but it was intended to be a slight. However, since Carry On films and their toilet humour, sexism and innuendo are still as popular today as they were fifty odd years ago, I feel that fact somewhat takes the barb out of that penned sting. So there.

My Friday nights have just got a whole lot brighter by the addition of Benidorm, and even as episode one is barely cold on my screen, I’m already dreading the loss of it later this year!

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.