Weekend TV Reviews: Lost – The Candidate

Oh my, what an intensely harrowing episode this was! I expected character deaths now the end is so near – only two more episodes until the finale – but Sun and Jin’s in particular were very poignant and sad.

And Sayid proved that he wasn’t entirely given over to ‘the dark side’ because he gave his life to save everyone else. Well, to at least try to save everyone else…

However, I think we can assume that Frank Lapidus died, and certainly Sayid, Sun and Jin did. And both Kate and Sawyer were left injured, Sawyer rather more seriously than Kate.

Fake Locke is now confirmed as being evil; there’s been some question that he wasn’t, but I think his planting a load of C4 and blowing up our Losties kinda ruled out his being a nice guy.

And back in Sidestep, it’s all coming together and coming unglued, all at the same time…

So let’s have a look at some of the main Sidestep events this week, and thanks as ever to Buddy TV for the screencaps…

One came when Jack bought an Apollo Bar from the vending machine when he and Claire met up at the hospital. They’ve featured in the show from the get-go.

Then there was the box which Christian left for Claire in his will. When she was asking Jack about it, he opened it and ‘Catch A Falling Star’ began playing.

That song is of course what Claire asked the baby’s adoptive parents to sing to Aaron, way back when the adoption was a central issue.

In the same hospital, Jack had operated on John and saved his life, but when Jack went to Locke’s bedside to try to talk him into having the other operation – which could mean he’d walk again – in his sleep, John whispered, “Push the button.” I think it’s safe to assume he was having a memory of the hatch then.

And towards the end, when Locke was leaving the hospital and Jack was still trying to convince him he could make him walk again, Jack – on hearing about the plane crash that crippled John and turned Anthony Cooper into a living corpse to all intents and purposes – told John he had to “let go” of his guilt. He told him, “What happened, happened” which of course is yet another oft used phrase in this final season.

But as Locke left the hospital, still not agreeing to the op, Jack called after him that he could help him and said, “I wish you’d believe me.” That sentence was the same as the one Locke wrote in his suicide note to Jack.

So, with just two more episodes remaining before the big season finale, I’m guessing we’re going to see more deaths, but apparently next week’s episode, ‘Across The Sea’ promises to reveal the origins of Jacob and the Man in Black.

Here are the promos for it…

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