What’s on TV Tonight ~ Monday 15th September

We kick off the evening with the soaps of course, starting with Emmerdale at 7pm on ITV1 then further soapy action right through until 9pm, with Eastenders and two episodes of Corrie in between. My soap pick of the day however is Eastenders, ITV1, 8pm.

The explosive and controversial storyline regarding Whitney and Tony gets under way tonight and the two are caught together in Whitney’s room by Tiffany, but they manage to pass off his reasons for being there. Later, Bianca tells a furious Whitney she has to share her room with Tiffany but Tony later assures her that he’ll sort it all out. He does but it’s then his turn to be angered when Whitney announces that she’s landed the lead role in the school play. Elsewhere, Bradley’s reading about baby making while Callum goes to Vinnie for advice on how to lose the persistent Danielle. Jack asks Bradley about his missing medal and Max later feigns ignorance when Bradley asks him about it. Max also tells Jack that he knows what happened all those years ago.

So let’s take a look at what else is worth watching tonight…

The Dog Whisperer, Sky Three, 7pm
~ Wilshire and Butch. The amazing Cesar Millan helps to quiet down a hyperactive Dalmatian who’s been threatened with removal by the city attorney after it ran amok in an LA fire station. If you’ve got an unruly dog, take a look at this show and pick up a few tips from Cesar on basic obedience training. He can transform the most difficult dog into the soppiest, most obedient hound within hours.

Make Me A Supermodel US, Living TV, 8pm ~ Tonight’s show sees the contestants being taken to New Orleans, where they get involved in charity work. Presented by Niki Taylor and Tyson Beckford this is a show that I can’t imagine appeals to anyone except wannabe models, but it’s certainly an insight into the bitchy, backstabbing and uber-competitive world of modeling.

Panorama, BBC1, 8.30pm ~ Omagh: What the Police Were Never Told.
Panorama never shy away from controversy, and tonight’s programme is no exception. This hard hitting investigation from the Panorama team asks why no-one has ever been convicted of the 1998 Omagh murders of 29 people and two unborn babies. The failed police investigation was criticised at the time for being flawed and ineffectual and tonight, we hear that John Ware has uncovered the fact that secret intelligence – which could’ve helped to bring charges against some of the terrorists – was withheld from detectives.

The Children, ITV1, 9pm ~
Tonight’s episode is the conclusion to this excellent three part drama from Lucy Gannon and so we’ll finally get to find out who murdered Emily, the troublemaking little girl who’s brilliantly played by Sinead Michael. In this episode, Cam and Sue are struggling to make things work following Emily’s accusations against Jack and things take a sinister turn for the worse as the adults in the drama make Emily the scapegoat for everything that’s gone so wrong.

This is one of the best dramas on TV so far this year so let’s hope it won’t be too long before Lucy Gannon brings another to our screens.

The Price of Property, Channel 4, 9pm ~ Living the Dream. Journalist Jon Henley continues his journey around the UK hunting out property in every price bracket. Tonight he takes a look at rural property in the South West and meets residents of the area, one of whom is the Earl of Edgcumbe whose family owned much of Cornwall for generations. He also talks to Chris Parsonage, who’s decided to spend more than £10 million buying up most of the properties in the fishing villages of Kingsand and Cawsand. I was going to bit against him but then couldn’t be bothered… I thought I’d buy a few Caribbean islands instead. I wish.

Forrest Gump, Film Four, 9pm
~ This is one of my favourite films of all time. Forrest is brilliantly played by Tom Hanks in this 1994 film, directed by Robert Zemeckis, who also directed my other favourite film, Back To The Future. This film follows Forrest’s life from childhood. As he grows up, he encounters tragedy, love, good and bad luck and we see the effect that the simple and innocent Forrest has on the lives of others. Also stars the wonderful Sally Field, Robin Wright Penn and Gary Sinise.

America’s Toughest Prisons, Five, 10pm ~ Gang v Family. Tonight’s show is the first in a new series that kicks off with a behind the scenes look at Utah State Prison. Many of this prison’s inmates have to choose between their families or joining a gang and tonight, we meet Natalie Terrazas, whose family is caught up in a violent street sub-culture. Will she turn her back on them or face a life behind bars if she continues her involvement with them?

That’s it for our picks for today, so whatever you watch, have a great Monday!

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