What’s the deal with Deal Or No Deal?

Deal or no Deal: olga

Why oh why does anyone actually like or watch this show? Me? I can’t stand it. Why? Because it’s been on since God was a lad and they may as well have recorded just one show that they then did the graphics/telly magic equivalent of photoshopping on other faces… in other words, it barely changes – nothing new happens except there are different contestants. Mind you, I think some of the contestants have in fact been there waiting their turn since time began.

Indeed, some of them, I suspect, have in fact fossilised.

The lady in the clip that follows, Mary, was probably about 12 when she first joined the panel of hopefuls, but the really funny bit about her time on in the ‘crazy chair’ as Noel calls it, was that the poor old dear – and she is a very sweet lady – had no clue that she’d won for a few seconds and I have to admit, loathe though I am to admit it, it brought a tear to my eye when she realised what amount she’d won… Click on the Read More link to see the clip…

So ok, there are some heart-warming moments if nothing else, but there again, there are on shows where pigs give birth too but it doesn’t mean I’d watch it every day…

Apparently, on average the hopeful players will appear on around 15 to 25 shows before they’re selected to actually play! Which begs the question, how do they find the time?

What happens to the rest of their lives?? I mean, by the time they eventually leave the studio, their kids could’ve grown up and left home, their jobs been given to someone else, their spouses left them for a partner who’s actually part of their lives, that sort of thing…

In fact, it’s been going so long that in June 2006, it was reported that Noel was suffering from repetitive strain injury from his constantly picking up and replacing The Banker’s phone during recordings of the show… mind you, the jury’s still out about what caused THAT dose of RSI eh? The official line was that the handset – according to Noel – is “heavier than it looks”… Yeah, tell it to the Marines Noel.

And I know the show’s only been on since 2005 but it feels sooooooo much longer and given that I can’t stand it, I avoid it; I simply do not watch it but recently, we’ve had guests staying who just love the show and it would be impolite to have refused when they asked if they could watch it. Although, despite the fact that I do prefer not to be rude to guests wherever possible, I did consider saying words that would’ve rhymed with “pluck cough, that show’s sprite”

Long before that, when my eldest daughter lived at home, it was on every day… it was ‘do not miss’ event for her, so I found other more interesting things to do while it was on such as pulling out my eyelashes or breaking rocks with an ice pick… anything in fact that meant I didn’t have to see Noel in shirts that would burn off your corneas were it not for a contrast control button.

However, being the nice person I am, while our guests were here I dutifully sat through the apparently ageless Noel Edmunds – who I’m convinced is the undead or some other form of immortal being – doing his dealings with the bankers… and the finance person on the phone.

I wouldn’t mind if there was some skill to it or something; I mean, at least with shows that require general knowledge, you have to have general knowledge, but this show is just luck. There’s boxes with ‘x’ amount of money in them and it is just literally luck which one the contestant picks yet sometimes, they stare and deliberate about which box to pick for so long, I’ve lost the will to live by the time they choose the one worth 10p or £10k. It’s the biggest yawnfest in the history of TV, so why the doohickley is it STILL on??

Mind you, sometimes those crazy kids down in the production team just take the fun to unbearable rib tickling levels and on the edition broadcast on 28th December 2008, the 1p box was replaced by a “Turkey Sandwiches”  box. I tell ya, they don’t know when to stop with all the laughter and crazy japery over there.

They go similarly mad for events other than Christmas too! For Halloween, Wimbledon and the Eurovision Song Contest, they changed the colours of the boxes! For instance, the boxes were green instead of red on St. Patrick’s Day and were yellow instead of red for Easter then they went spray paint bonkers and had gold boxes for New Year’s Eve and the 500th anniversary show.

Sometimes, they even alter the music and sound effects and it’s not unknown for contestants and audience members to dress up. It’s a positive laugh riot where they know no bounds. Oh wait, no, that was a lie; it’s see-wrap in my opinion, but one memorable and genuinely funny moment was when a woman opened her box to find it empty and Noel reacted like he was on CSI yelling, “Don’t touch it! Don’t touch it!” Here’s the clip…

However, nonetheless, I still find it hugely boring but it’s still on because someone – other than our guest and my daughter – enjoys watching it, so if one of those people is you, please tell me what the attraction is because I just don’t see it? And it’s on for like 45 minutes and sometimes, if it’s a special occasion, a whole hour! Why would you put yourself through that for all that time?

Answers in a comment box please because I’d just love to know what it is that makes this show even watchable, never mind enjoyable!

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.