What can we expect from LA X – Lost Season 6 Premiere

I’ve – as ever – been trawling the ‘net for snippets of info about the upcoming and final season of Lost, and here’s what I’ve found… but if you don’t want to know, don’t read on!!

Rumour has it that the majority of the premiere will show the usual folks back on flight 815. It’s not just going to be a re-run of the original 815 scenes though, and apparently we’ll get to see the infamous island’s statue as seen from a window on the plane.

And in this new version of events, Dark UFO reckons that, “Jack meets Kate and saves Charlie. Kate beats up Edward Mars. Juliet dies after a final kiss. Jacob will appear to Hurley. Sawyer and Jack fight again”

Kristin Dos Santos from E! Online says that we’ll get to see Desmond again very soon into the new season, and she added, “He has a surprising scene with another character.” Oooh, I wonder what that’s about??

Kristin also reckons that in the premiere, either Sayid “dies,” or Sayid kills Jack. Still with E! online and they think Shannon won’t show up too early in the season because there’s to be a “significant change” to both Boone and Shannon’s back-story.

Back with DarkUFO and among their many spoilers, they state that Sayid will be “kidnapped, healed, and tortured by the Others at the Temple.” Jacob is involved. The site also says that the “Fake Locke” and Ben left the statue together and Fake Locke says to Richard – who’s waiting outside – “it’s good to see you haven’t changed.” It seems Fake Locke then attacks Richard after the Others “raise their weapons”.

Fake Locke then says “I’m very disappointed in all of you” at which point the site reports, “everyone looked up at the sky, as if something was occurring.”

Doc Arzt’s site has eye witness spoilers from Hawaii resident Ryan Ozawa, and among the tidbits he had to offer, he says that Flight 815 lands at LAX. What then follows bears much resemblance to season one in that Jack gets into a row with someone because something happened to his dad Christian’s coffin. Boone and Locke are seeing to be having a conversation, and Kate escapes from Edward Mars and carjacks a taxi which Claire happens to be in…

Apparently, Kate and Claire then drive to Hurley’s former house, but instead of it being Hurley who awaits them, the residents are the couple who wanted to adopt baby Aaron. In what then transpires, the couple refuse to adopt Aaron, the shock of which prompts Claire to go into labor.

And in new cast member news, Michael Ausiello – an Entertainment Weekly columnist – wrote, “Hiroyuki Shimosawa has been cast as a significant recurring character” and he added, “John Hawkes will play Lennon, a wily negotiator and translator for a major foreign corporation.”

Finally, here are some clues about the episodes from Lost Wiki…

Title Centric Airdate
LA X Various February 2, 2010
What Kate Does Kate Austen February 9, 2010
The Substitute John Locke February 16, 2010
Lighthouse Jack Shephard February 23, 2010
Sundown Sayid Jarrah March 2, 2010
Dr. Linus Ben Linus March 9, 2010
Recon James “Sawyer” Ford March 16, 2010
Ab Aeterno Richard Alpert March 23, 2010
Episode 9 Jin-Soo Kwon March 30, 2010
Episode 10 Unknown April 6, 2010

The airdates are for American audiences of course.

More Lost news as soon as we get it!

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