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What Happens In Kavos 2

Tonight, in the second episode of What Happens In Kavos, things get a little out of hand for the young Brits abroad.

The teenage thrill-seekers are taking a summer break in the Corfu based resort and cameras follow the party goers from their pub crawls around the bars on the infamous ‘strip’ to the emergency clinic while they have their alcohol related injuries treated later in the evening.

They are seen living it up on the booze cruise, and taking part in a variety of extreme drinking and sex games, and it’s no shock when afterwards a number of the young adults end up down getting tested at the local STD clinic.

What Happens In Kavos 1

This instalment focusses on the tendency to binge drink and in a resort where getting drunk at any time of the day is very much encouraged and made easy by the fact that cocktails and many other drinks are three times cheaper than they are back home, it’s no shock that the ‘Strip’ is full of drunk and sometimes violent people and alcohol related issues.

What Happens In Kavos

19 year old Niki is enjoying her first holiday alone with her friends but gets drunk and ends up needing medical attention, after falling off a podium and sustaining what she suspects is a broken leg.

Meanwhile, an open minded mother and daughter’s night of excessive drinking ends in disaster, and a builder from York is told by the emergency doctors that they may be forced to remove his finger after a drunken night out with his friends turned nasty.

Tonight, Channel 4 10pm. Leave your comments below…

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