Emmerdale spoilers: will Alicia and David get married? Will Chas and Cameron run away after Debbie is rushed to hospital?

So, tonight is the night of life changing decisions in Emmerdale, but will everything go to plan?

First of all there is the wedding between David (Matthew Wolfenden) and Alicia (Natalie Anderson).  Fans of the show will know that the only reason that the couple are getting wed is so that David will get temporary custody of Alicia’s son, Jacob, when she faces prison time in a few weeks.

Alicia is off to jail for hitting David’s step-mother, Val (Charlie Hardwick) after the flame haired lush launched a verbal attack on David (who Alicia is secretly in love with).  Despite Val’s best(ish) efforts to get the charges dropped, Alicia had a previous conviction and suspended sentence for attacking a care worker whom she caught stealing from her dying mother, and so faces at least a few months behind bars (Natalie Anderson who plays the raven haired beauty is actually going on maternity leave, but viewers will see her back on their Emmerdale screens before the year is out!)

Alicia’s ex husband assumed, as did Alicia, that the boy would stay with him, but after Jacob confided in David that he did not like his new step-mother the pair concocted this plan in order for Jake to be able to stay with David while his mum was at Her Majesty’s Pleasure.

David is blissfully unaware how Alicia really feels about him and is determined to go ahead with the wedding, despite his father Eric’s (Chris Chittell) insistence that he is making a huge mistake.

Tonight’s episode will see Alicia have to make a very difficult decision indeed after her ex tells her that he will no longer fight for custody of Jacob, meaning that she does not have to go ahead with the sham marriage after all.

Alicia confides in boss Chas (Lucy Pargeter) the good news, but Chas advises the busty barmaid to keep quiet or she will scupper her chance to marry the man that she loves.  However, conscience kicks in and Alicia decides that honesty is the best policy and sets out to tell David the truth, but bottles out at the last-minute.

Meanwhile, an anxious David is waiting for his bide at the registry office, and tensions mount as Alicia gets later and later for the ceremony.

David looks very relieved when she eventually turns up, but will she go ahead with the wedding?

Elsewhere in the village and it is D-Day for cheating lovers Chas and Cameron (Dominic Power).

Chas and Cameron have been having a secret affair for months behind Cameron’s girlfriend, and Chas’ niece, Debbie (Charley Webb), and tonight is the night they have planned to run off together to start a new life.

However, things don’t go completely according to plan when, whilst saying his secret goodbyes, Cameron has a run in with Cain (Jeff Hordely).  Cain has been growing ever suspicious of Cameron and so when tonight he says he is going off to see his kids, Cain confronts him over his suspicions that he is cheating and the pair engage in a heated row.

Cameron loses his temper and goes to punch Cain, knocking a heavily pregnant Debbie to the floor, causing her to bleed and fear for her baby’s life.

She is taken to hospital and given the all-clear, but when Chas arrives she witnesses a closeness between Debbie and Cameron and realises that her affair is over, they will not be leaving the village now.


  1. Reet on July 7, 2012 at 7:23 am

    Does anyone know what instrumental music David and Alicia’s danced to at their wedding??

  2. R on July 7, 2012 at 7:26 am

    what did david and alicia dance to?

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