Which soap babe would you like to see in your Christmas stocking?

by Lynn Connolly

Well, we’ve had a soap hunks article for us ladies, so it’s only fair that we ask you fellas which of the lovely ladies of soap you’d enjoy seeing in stockings at the foot of your bed this Christmas?

Here are our contenders for the top ten babes of soap…

At number 10 we have Liz McDonald, aka, Beverley Callard who, although there’s a sprinkling of snow on the roof, most certainly still has a fire burning! Just keep an eye out for feisty ex Jim though…

Our number 9 choice is Becky Grainger, played by Katherine Kelly. You might want to stock up on SnakeyB though because otherwise, you’re likely to anger her and last time she got angry, she smashed up half of Weatherfield!

Then at number 8 is the lovely Stacey Slater played by Lacey Turner. She’s girl who knows how to party but keep your eye on granddad… she’s proven she’s not averse to keeping it in the family AND being an old man botherer!

At number 7 is the sexy Debbie Dingle, played by Charley Webb. She’s the girl who’s got everything, good looks, strong character and she can fix a car… what more do you want?

Our number 6 choice is Tanya Branning who’s played by Jo Joyner. Yes, she’s been round several blocks but she’s the original yummy mummy. However, like her rival Stacey, she’s not a stranger to rolling her own – in a non-blood relation way – so don’t introduce her to your brother at Christmas dinner!

In at number 5 is man-eater Carla Connor aka Alison King. If she turns up in your stockings on Christmas day, make sure her fiancée Tony doesn’t find out or you could end up under the wheels of a runaway car…

Number 4 on our list is another Corrie favourite, Maria Connor played by Samia Smith. Just don’t offer her any nasty-asti with her dinner – she’s expecting – and keep a box of tissues handy ‘cos it’s her first Christmas without our Liam.

Our number 3 place is reserved for Dawn Swann who’s played by Kara Tointon. No matter how grief stricken she gets, she still looks good and now she’s on the road to recovery from losing Jase, she’s back to being an occasional party girl who now and again throws herself at hapless Garry. He rather stupidly tends to throw her back…

In at number 2 is another feisty party girl Roxy Slater, played by Rita Simons, but if you do wake up on the big day and find her happily nestled in your Christmas stocking, whatever you do don’t tell Sean where she is… he’ll go mad. And who’s going to feed the baby?

But top slot number 1 is a tie-breaker between Roxy’s big sister – Ronnie Mitchell played by Samantha Janus – and Emmerdale’s Jasmine Thomas, played by Jenna Coleman.

Ronnie’s smart, part-owns a club, is single and is in need of a good man this Christmas… failing that, you’ll probably do! But again, if you wish for a Christmas day full of Ronnie, watch out for her treacherous dad; he’ll do anything to make her miserable!

And Jasmine’s an intelligent eager young reporter who, by Christmas day, will need a distraction to save her from thinking about the fact she’s killed her latest boyfriend… yeah, if she does come over, carve your turkey with a spoon and hide all your chairs!

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.