Who Left Dancing On Ice? Comedy Dave Vitty!

by Lisa McGarry

There was another shock result on tonight’s Dancing On Ice live show.

After finding himself in the skate off with troubled reality TV star Kerry Katona, Comedy Dave Vitty was send home by judges Emma Bunton and Jason Gardiner.

Check out our full rundown of the ‘Night at the Theatre’ themed show below…..

Performances and Judges Comments

Jeff Brazier skated with Isabelle Gauthier to All I Ask Of You (The Phantom of the Opera) and scored 22 out of 30.

Jason Gardiner 6.5

Emma Bunton 7.5

Robin Cousins 8

Scoring the highest, Robin said: “You have great control over your blades now and those three jumps were done together but controlled individually, a fantastic start to the show.”

Jason acknowledged there had been improvement from Jeff but said: “Performance is key for me, that said you are definitely improving but this is a romantic piece and there wasn’t enough romance portrayed and at times your face was very pedestrian, you looked like you were waiting for a bus!”

Denise Welch skated with Matt Evers Roxie (Chicago) and scored 13 out of 30.

Jason Gardiner (scored ) 4

Emma Bunton (scored ) 4.5

Robin Cousins (scored ) 4.5

Jason said: “What a delightful derriere you have! Chicago is a musical I’ve done and it requires control and isolation but your arms are like windscreen wipers, they didn’t have the waft, fingers were missing from the routine and overall you lacked the sentiment of the number, it didn’t seduce and it didn’t slink.”

Robin added: “I wish you had the speed and gusto you had last week – that was what was missing for me.”

Emma commented: “I missed your cheeky performance but I really enjoyed it.”

Sam Attwater skated with Brianne Delcourt to Flash Bang Wallop (Half A Sixpence) and scored 25.5 out of 30.

Jason Gardiner (scored ) 8.5

Emma Bunton (scored ) 8.5

Robin Cousins (scored ) 8.5

Emma was bowled over by the performance: “I loved it, loved it, loved it, I wanted to give you a nine but if I’m being picky you weren’t quite in sync with each other, I was overly excited.”

Jason agreed: “You have great charisma, full of energy, you are so good, but there were synchronicity issues.”

Robin added: “I reflect what my fellow judges say there were some sync issues but when you are working as hard as the two of you are things are going to happen.”

Kerry Katona skated with Dan Whiston to There’s No Business Like Showbusiness (Annie Get Your Gun) and scored 12 out of 30.

Jason Gardiner (scored ) 4

Emma Bunton (scored ) 4

Robin Cousins (scored ) 4

Jason told her: “The thing is you are still getting carried around too much, you started off the jump but you landed in Daniel’s arms and that worries me next week is the ultimate skill test and you can’t do the step sequence so I’m not sure you are up to the standard of others in the competition.”

Emma complimented Kerry on the performance and said: “This suits you much better but you seem to be getting away with more than the other dancers in this competition.”

Robin warned: “You have gone back to basics you have got to play a lot of catch up in the next week.”

Chloe Madeley skated with Michael Zenezini to On My Own (Les Miserables) and scored 22 out of 30.

Jason Gardiner (scored ) 6.5

Emma Bunton (scored ) 7.5

Robin Cousins (scored ) 8

Robin said: “Great performance, I was watching Michael skate the way he would with any dancer, professional or otherwise and you were with him as a partnership every time, you were a skater out there.”

Jason felt the emotion was lacking at times: “This is a song about unrequited love and you struggled to maintain the emotion throughout in a lift you melted into Michael but once you were back on the ice you lost the longing and passion also I felt there wasn’t enough light and shade in the execution of the choreography.”

Emma added: “There wasn’t enough sparkle to take this from a good performance to world class.”

Johnson Beharry skated with Jodeyne Higgins to Always Looks On The Bright Side Of Life (Spamalot) and scored 15 out of 30.

Jason Gardiner (scored ) 4.5

Emma Bunton (scored ) 5

Robin Cousins (scored ) 5.5

Jason said: “At the start of the routine you showed promise and characterisation but you reverted back to the smiley face that you have every week. Your concentration kicks in and takes over the performance.

Robin added: “You showed us your smiley face tonight, and we haven’t seen that for a few weeks, I loved to see you enjoying your performance.”

Emma commented: “It was faster and funnier tonight. Every week you try something different and I love that you are pushing yourself.”

Vanilla Ice skated with Katie Stainsby to Born To Hand Jive (Grease) and scored 21 out of 30.

Jason Gardiner (scored ) 6.5

Emma Bunton (scored ) 6.5

Robin Cousins (scored ) 8

Robin said: “I didn’t see a hockey skater tonight, I saw a figure skater and it was so much stronger, a great improvement. Normally the skater would point his blades away from the partner but that’s not Vanilla Ice!”

Emma said: “I love the way you perform and I love watching you but it was a bit less free spirited than you have been.”

Jason added: “There were very disjointed moments electrifying and then tentative, you lacked dynamism, I think a bit of vanilla ice is melting away.”

Comedy Dave Vitty skated with Frankie Poultney to Aquarius (Hair) and scored 12.5 out of 30.

Jason Gardiner (scored ) 4

Emma Bunton (scored ) 4

Robin Cousins (scored ) 4.5

Emma said: “Thank god for the hair and costume because there is no performance in your face anymore it’s like you are just going through the motions. We’re missing Comedy Dave.”

Jason commented: “This is a number about freedom and spirit and giving in to a higher cosmic energy, your performance lacked contraction and you spent a lot of time tonight looking at the ice, you are cutting off from performing to the audience.”

Robin added: “The jumps weren’t pretty however there was a running edge and you are the hardest worker and we see it with every move you make – none of it comes naturally.”

Laura Hamilton skated with Colin Ratushniak to You Can’t Stop The Beat (Hairspray) and scored 25.5 out of 30.

Jason Gardiner (scored) 8.5

Emma Bunton (scored ) 8.5

Robin Cousins (scored ) 8.5

Jason: “She entertained me tonight, you are so Disney it’s brilliant, it plays to your strength being a children’s television presenter, you are pushing your own boundaries without compromising your performance.”

Robin said: “You do whatever you are asked to try without thinking of the consequences.”

Emma said it was her favourite performance of the night. “There was so much energy, it was pure theatre darling.”

After the judges scored and the public placed their votes, the two couples with the least votes were asked to skate again.

The acts with the lowest public votes that took part in the skate-off were: Kerry and Dan and Comedy Dave and Frankie.

The judges saved Kerry and Dan.

Comedy Dave said: “I’m gutted but I know I’m not one of the best skaters in the competition. I’ve had such a great time, thanks to Frankie who has been the best partner I could have had.”

Next week is the Ultimate Skills Test.