Why Coronation Street should win big at the British Soap Awards 2012

by Anna Howell

The British Soap Awards are but days away, and with the public vote still open to decide which stars take home the awards for Best Actor, Best Actress, Sexiest Male, Sexiest Female, Villain Of The Year and Best Soap we thought we would give you a reminder of why each contender was nominated.

The 6 award categories below are open until 3pm on Friday 27th April for you to cast your vote, here are Coronation Street’s contenders, and why they have been nominated:

Best soap – Coronation Street

Since the last award ceremony, where Coronation Street took home 8 out of a possible 15 awards, including Best Dramatic Performance (Jane Danson), Most spectacular Scene Of The Year (tram crash) and Best Single Episode (Coronation Street Live), not leaving many for the rest to scramble for, it has had a reputation to uphold.

In the last year we have watched the residents of Coronation Street come to terms with the aftermath of the tram crash, watching Peter learn to walk as well as discovering the truth about his wife’s affair at the time of their death-bed wedding, Tyrone finding out the truth about the paternity of the baby he thought was his and the betrayal at the hands of his best friend, then trying to piece back together a life on his own without them all and the departure of Claire after attacking Tracy Barlow following her husbands death.  But amongst all this re-piecing of the famous cobbled Streets, we have seen new characters arrive,and a few old ones, leaving their mark on yet another great year in Weatherfield, all contributing to a very eventful year indeed.

Sexiest Female – Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan first appeared on our Street back in 2008 as Tina McIntyre, a new love interest for David Platt (Jack P Shepherd), that deserves an award all by itself.  Since joining the show,Michelle captured the hearts of the nation with her sassy girl next door persona, and has won the award for sexiest female every year since, making this year, if she wins it, her fourth consecutive award for Sexiest Female.  In real life Michelle is one half of a hip young super couple, engaged to hit teen sensation boyband member, Max George from The Wanted, she still keeps a pleasant, humble and cheery disposition to all us mere mortals around her,adoring her.

Sexiest Male – Chris Fountain

Chris Fountain first appeared in soap land over in Chester as Justin in Hollyoaks.  Back then he played a school boy, who was having an affair with his teacher, making anyone who thought him attractive feel icky about themselves.  He then went on to storm the icy dance floor in Torvil and Deans Dancing On Ice, where he didn’t just melt our hearts, but was so spectacularly hot at dancing, and well just looking hot, that he near enough melted the ice too.  With that memory embedded in our heads as being far more acceptable, the entire female population began to feel comfortable with their super crush’s on the now all-grown-up Chris Fountain, so when he appeared on our screens last year as Tommy, the long-lost, long-sold grandson of Vera and Jack Duckworth, the female population gave a huge, simultaneous swoon.

Villain Of The Year – Andrew Lancel

Andrew Lancel played the evil rapist, Frank Foster in Corrie.  Having drunk the tap water in the factory, he fell under the same black widow trap that every other male factory owner has fallen under, namely Carla Connor (Alison King).  And, true to form, Carla wasn’t happy with what she was being offered on a silver service platter, and broke her business partners heart by going after someone less available.  She should have known better, the last man she did this to reacted by killing her bit on the side and then kidnapping her and trying to blow her up, but Frank wasn’t as brave as that.  Having already attempted to rape Maria Connor (Samia Ghadie) he used his strength to overpower his victim before raping her and then setting about ruining her business and life.  It wasn’t long before his web of lies came unstuck and the world saw him for what he really was, and deciding the justice system wasn’t good enough, Frank met a sticky, bloody end at the hands of his mother, Ann (Gwen Taylor).  You don’t get much more villainous than that, not even his mum wanted him alive!

Best Actor – Chris Gasgoyne (Peter Barlow)

A true actor can make you love them one minute, and then hate them the next, which is why Chris Gasgoyne is the perfect nomination for Corrie this year.  At the beginning of the year we watched  Peter Barlow’s life  fall apart when he discovered his wife,Leanne’s (Jane Danson) affair, whilst trying to recover from his injuries sustained during the horrific tram crash which saw one of his best friends die saving his life.  A recovering alcoholic, Peter struggled with his demons throughout all of this, whilst his wife provided the steadiest rock for him to cling to.  All looked on the up for the young family, as they seemed to rise from the ashes, stronger from the experience, then Leanne had a miscarriage and their worlds came tumbling down around them yet again.  Throughout all this, Carla Connor had decided that her next love interest would be Peter and preyed on her victim until he was too weak to refuse any more.  She developed a drinking habit which then gave her an excuse to have him at her beck and call (cynical conspiracy, i know – but run with me on this) and after she was raped by her fiancée, Peter finally gave in to his feelings and became her knight in shining armour, leaving his family broken and devastated.

Best Actress – Alison King (Carla Connor)

Carla Connor has had a busy year.  She almost got married, broke up a family and developed a drinking habit, but what holds er head and shoulders above the rest for this award is her heart-wrenching performance of a rape victim.  Carla Connor is the girl next door you love to hate, shallow and manipulative, with no real friend to name that she hasn’t betrayed in one way or another, so much so that if it wasn’t for her horrific ordeal, she might have been up for villain of the year as well.  But when Alison King portrayed her character through a horrendous rape at the hands of someone she thought loved her, she had the entire nation holding their breath.  From the moment the situation began, to the court case where she was deemed a liar, Alison never dropped her character, the victim fighting the brave independent woman apparent in every scene.  Her performance was so convincing, through the months the story played out, I have no doubt that victims of similar crimes would have found confidence for themselves, and even justice, having seen how even the strongest woman in the world can fall apart after experiencing something so monumentally devastating.

The British Soap Awards takes place on Saturday 28th April in London’s TV Studios, you still have a chance to vote for your favourite here.

To see Michelle Keegan receiving her award for Sexiest Female at last years awards, click on the clip below:

The British Soap Awards can be seen on Wednesday 2 May at 8pm on ITV1 / ITV1 HD.