Why I HATE The Jeremy Kyle Show!

I HATE The Jeremy Kyle show and I can’t imagine why anyone watches this drivel. The ‘guests’ are all – pretty much without exception – chavs of the worst kind. The Burberry wearing, benefit claiming, white trainers with sports pants tucked into their socks type people, and most have a shoe size that is larger than their IQ.

They are of the ilk who have about a dozen children – for the women, their kids are all with different fathers and for the men, they’ve fathered zillions of kids with different women – and who only work if the benefits office forces them to. They tend to be either obese or heroin-addict thin and live their lives as though they are on the set of Eastenders.

Just the titles of the show are enough to put me off giving them even a glance; lately we’ve had, You’ve Broken Up My Family By Sleeping With Brothers, I’m Pregnant and Drinking Because I’m Sure You’ve Been Cheating and You’re Kept Like a Prisoner – Leave Your Boyfriend Today!

Why, oh why, would anyone of even relatively small intellect want to discuss their very personal problems on TV? To be fair of course, this isn’t just applicable to the Jeremy Kyle show; dozens and dozens of chat shows are based on people publically washing their dirty laundry and I can only assume they are either desperate for money or horribly exhibitionist.

Jeremy has gained his notoriety and popularity because he ‘tells it like it is’ and isn’t afraid to speak his mind and tell his guests just what he thinks of them… well, if I was in Jeremy’s job, it would take about three seconds to tell the guests what I think of them. It would involve two words, one of which would be ‘off’ and would be closely followed by the phrase ‘you bottom feeding leech on society’.

One of the shows that sums up all of the above is this one – My Husband Slept With My Daughter! Here’s a clip from it…

And again, this one…

What a bunch of repulsive bottom-of-the-gene-pool ‘people’ and these are the kind of specimens who are the bread and butter of the Jeremy Kyle show. I suspect that the show’s researchers’ auto-reject anyone who doesn’t punctuate every sentence with the word ‘whateva’ and/or ‘somefing’ and they probably aren’t interested in people who know it’s not pronounced, ‘supposably.’

These are the people who frame their ASBOs and hang them on the wall at home to cover up the hole where someone punched the wall.

Bottom line; my biggest issue with shows of the Jeremy Kyle sort is that they a) insult our intelligence as it’s clear that many of the ‘issues’ discussed are made up and the guests are acting a part and b) those who are there talking about genuine issues in their lives should in fact be either in prison, looking for a job or neutered.

We’d like to know what your thoughts on this subject are, but please remember, no swearing or your comment may be deleted!

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