Why I LOVE The Paranormal Channel

by Lynn Connolly

The Paranormal Channel is the media baby of Yvette Fielding and Karl Beattie and it just plain rocks; I love it!

Nothing is too weird, bizarre or silly to have on their channel and it’s addictive watching. If you’ve never seen any of the shows, drop in and take a look and I guarantee you’ll end up watching about five shows back to back…

There’s a great selection of shows such as, Epitaph in which “Stories from gravestones are peeled back through time, showing us how fascinating events lead us to a final resting place.”

Or there’s Life After Death which explores the possibility of an after-life based on “first hand testimonies and expert insight combine with footage from some of Hollywood’s most iconic movies to explore whether there really is such a thing as life after death.”

Excellent stuff and some of them are genuinely fascinating. One that I saw that especially sticks in my mind was about someone who ‘died’ on the operating table and was able to later tell how she’d seen a shoe on top of a cabinet in the room. There’s no way she could’ve known that was there unless she’d actually – as she claimed – had an out of the body experience in that room.

They also have some epically bad films on but they’re so bad, they’re good! The classic They Came From Outer Space can be found there as well as The Crawling Hand. You can’t put a price on that sort of entertainment.

But my absolute favourite Paranormal Channel film of late has to have been Corpse Grinders which is about a cat food factory that runs out of their “regular” ingredients, so they substitute dead bodies, which – and the clue is in the title – they grind up. However, soon the cats of the city begin attacking their owners. Priceless gemography of a film.

And recently, I’ve been hooked on Spook School; Paranormal investigators Mark Rosney and Rob Bethell try to turn members of their local community into competent paranormal investigators. Good luck with that!

I also want to catch – but keep missing it – Whines and Sprits which stars Karl and Stu as they investigate some of Britain’s most haunted pubs… and probably try out the optics while they’re there. They filmed in one of the pubs that I used to go in now and again when I lived there, the Pied Bull in Chester.

As I said, if you’ve never seen it, flick over to Sky channel 201 and give it a squiz. You won’t be sorry!


Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.