The Widower starring Reece Shearsmith, Sheridan Smith & John Hannah comes to ITV! Based on real-life killer Malcolm Webster (VIDEO)

the widower

ITV have announced further details about new three-part drama The Widower, which is based on the shocking story of real-life killer Malcolm Webster, who murdered his first wife, then tried to do the same with two more women…

Webster is played by League of Gentlemen star Reece Shearsmith, and the role of Webster’s first wife Claire Morris is played by Gavin & Stacey and Mrs Biggs actress, Sheridan Smith. A Touch of Cloth and Spartacus actor John Hannah plays the role of Detective Inspector Charlie Henry who was instrumental in bringing Webster to justice.

The drama recounts how Webster killed Morris just a matter of months after they were married by staging her death to look like an accidental car crash. He made the decision to kill her after she arranged to see her GP because she was feeling constantly unwell…

It transpired the Webster had been systematically drugging her to “keep her under control”, however, as there was no reason to suspect Claire’s death was anything other than a tragic accident, Webster got away with murdering her.

He then moved to Auckland with his new wife Felicity Drumm, who’s played by Kate Fleetwood in The Widower…

Once again, Webster began drugging her while planning yet another ‘accident’, however, when Drumm became suspicious of his behaviour, he left her and returned to England where he became engaged to Simone Banarjee – who’s played by Archie Panjabi – and yet again, he put his evil plans into motions.

However, Drumm contacted police in Scotland to voice her worries and suspicions about Webster, which Detective Inspector Charlie Henry took seriously enough to begin an inquiry.

The result was that Webster was imprisoned for the murder of his first wife, and the attempted murder of his second.

This is a must-see drama that we cannot wait for, but for now, here’s the trailer…

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