William & Belem, Dan & Kerry share their stories on One Born Every Minute – Channel 4

by Lisa McGarry

one born every minute Belem 1

Tonight’s episode of One Born Every Minute centres around two very different couples who are in the hospital, waiting for the arrival of their newest family member.

The first couple featured are 26 year old William who met his 24-year-old partner Belem through the internet and he claims they knew they were meant to be together from first contact. However, problems were caused by the fact that she was living 5000 miles away in Mexico so they pushed ahead with a long distance relationship, until she agreed to amrry him and moved to the UK.

William has many worries about his new wife going into labour, as his own mother haemorrhaged and died in childbirth when his younger sister was born many years ago. His family were living in a rural area of Columbia at the time, far from any hospitals or proper medical care and he admits that he still finds the memories of his mother’s death very traumatic.

one born every minute Belem

However he puts on a brave face when Belem’s time comes and he videos the whole labour, speaking in Spanish the entire time, so he can send the video to their respective families who are missing the main event.

Meanwhile, 24 year old Dan shows up with his partner Kerry and it’s clear that their relationship is very different to the first we saw.

They have what they call a ‘Kerry and Dan’ kind of love, which consists of them constantly ribbing, teasing and insulting each other. They are well prepared for their new baby though and Kerry reveals that she has 84 colour co-ordinated baby outfits ready at home; each washed and ironed four times. She says that if she isn’t fully prepared for something she panics; but when their baby’s heart rate drops in labour, it’s Dan who starts to worry.

Tune into One Born Every Minute tonight, 9pm, Channel 4.