Women Behind Bars: Sir Trevor MacDonald travels to America to meet some of the most dangerous female criminals in the USA


Sir Trevor McDonald travels to America, where more women are in prison than anywhere else in the world, to meet some of the most dangerous female criminals in the United States.

In tonight’s instalment, Trevor travels to India Women’s Prison and speaks with Sara Pender who was convicted of murdering the two people she lived with. Trevor later sits down with Pender as he talks with her about her crimes and retells the details from the court case. Pender later breaks down in tears when Trevor brings up the victims of her crime as she tells him she thinks about them all the time.


While in Indiana, Trevor meets Addie Harts who is serving time for armed robbery and is looking forward to being released so that she can see her two young daughters. Later at the Rockville Correctional Facility Trevor meets another mother – Paula Macintosh who has four children and is currently in prison for breaching the terms of her probation.

During his visits to the prisons, Trevor also learns about the relationships the inmates strike up with one another. Armed robber Desiree Hancock tells Trevor that she wasn’t a lesbian before she went to prison, but she is now.

Women Behind Bars begins tonight on ITV at 9pm

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