Wonders of Life – Endless Forms Most Beautiful – Brain Cox, BBC Three

Wonders of Life

In the third of five episode, Professor Brian Cox continues to explore the world, and reveal how a few fundamental laws of science produced life as we know it

In “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” – a quote from Charles Darwin – Professor Cox travels to the bio-diverse regions of Southern Africa and Madagascar. There are over one hundred million animal and plant species alive today, yet they only represent less than one percent of all species that have ever existed on our planet.

Brian asks the question, why is it that the life on earth is so diverse, and that the earth itself is so fertile? He explores the chemistry of a lion, in hopes of finding answers to this question. He discovers that the answer lies partly in carbon, the universal building block created by stars and all around the living world.

wonders of life 2

Brian looks at how carbon originated, and whether or not the laws of nature apply universally, contemplating the question of whether or not there could be some other form of life, somewhere in the universe.

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