X Factor 2012: The final 24 are chosen, Joseph Whelan, Jade Richards & Melanie McCabe are gone, while Simon Cowell returns.. briefly

by Matt D

One bootcamp show down and one to go and with most of the favourites still in the final seventy what better to do than to hear them all sing again. Yes with that very expensive giant clock still ticking down we saw all of the acts from yesterday once again only this time they got weren’t edited as much as they were in the first show. In fact the only thing that the first Boot Camp show did was to make us think that some of the early contenders may be sent home after dodgy performances.

One of these dodgy performances came from Lucy Spraggan who moved around the stage like someone who’d been dragged up on the dance floor by her friends but wasn’t having any of it. After being reunited with her beloved guitar she was already to do a bit of a mash-up instead she performed a moving song entitled ‘Tea and Toast’ that bought the house down and as the camera turned to Louis Walsh he was weeping however that might just be the dodgy Botox. Lucy’s standing ovation and the fact that the judges called her one-off already made her a favourite but I still can’t see her dancing around that stage when it’s Lady Gaga or Britney Spears week personally I think singer/songwriter types are better off on Britain’s Got Talent. Lucy’s polar opposite was up next in the form of perma-tanned Essex diva Rylan Clark who came dressed as one of The Road Warriors and impressed Nicole by singing ‘Don’t Cha’ by Pussycat Dolls. I really wasn’t impressed at all however Nicole said she liked his style as she was sold on the spikes and sparkle.

After we saw brief snippets of Gathan, Rough Copy and Nathan Fagan-Gayle it was time for Jahmene Douglas to step up to the plate but he was getting nervous after also delivering a shoddy performance yesterday. While Jahmene was having a mini nervous breakdown in the back MK1 came on and sung ‘Crazy’ a tune that I didn’t think particularly suited Charlie’s voice and while they were on I also wondered if Will ‘the singing accountant’ was around somewhere. Backstage Jahmene was being comforted by the St. John’s Ambulance but it was only when Louis Walsh offered him some words of encouragement did he finally come round. I did think maybe it would’ve been set up for him to be awful but he was good employing as many vocal gymnastics as he physically could he warbled his way through ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow’ which impressed all of the judges.

Another montage of popular acts including Triple J, Melanie Masson, Christopher Maloney and Carolynne Poole all successfully singing their way to the judges’ hearts was aired before Kye Sones took to the stage. Kye claimed he was unique as there wasn’t anybody who had the same name as him plus he thought he could be the male Adele even though I’m not a big fan of his I still have to admit that his rendition of ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’ was one of the best performances up to this point. Girl group From Above were then spotted backstage doing their warm-up which saw them breath out negativity, breath in positivity however this didn’t work as the first of the five girls didn’t get the song started too well and later Gary commented that there wasn’t a good voice between them. Single mum Jade Ellis also had similar nerves admitting that she was struggling to learn the lyrics to her Jason Mraz song and predictably she messed up halfway through however what she did sing was absolutely brilliant. Rock-star and dad Joseph Whelan wanted to be the next big thing in the British rock scene then went all ballad on us by choosing to perform ‘With or Without You’ however as he’s doing it for his son I thought he’d be another definite moving forward.

We then saw Times Red a group who I very much enjoyed and who went out there to ‘smash it’ and ‘do it like we do’. There beat-boxing style isn’t for everyone however the audience seemed to go crazy for it and Gary loved their harmonies while I personally thought they bought a lot of energy to the stage. We then got to see some more favourites including James Arthur, Leanne Robinson and Adam Burridge all of whom were brilliant especially Leanne who in the past couple of rounds has really impressed me.

Last up was Ella Henderson who wasn’t singing an original song, even though Lucy got to, but instead had oddly decided to perform ‘Believe’ even without the aid of that computer-voice that Cher had when she sung it. As soon as that piano got going you knew that this was a song to remember, and that this contestant was going straight through to Judge’s Homes, as Ella totally made the song her own. As we flicked to the judges we saw most of them were tearing with Nicole totally losing her cool sobbing all over the shop as Ella finished the Boot Camp auditions on a high.

As we saw the acts milling nervously around the backstage area of the Liverpool Echo Arena spouting clichés such as ‘I pray that I get this break’ and ‘I’m more nervous than I’ve been in my entire life’ the judges were deliberating who they would put through to their so-called homes. I always feel The X-Factor gets short-changed in this part of the contest as Britain’s Got Talent has that funky video wall all these four have got is some polaroids that they can move around a bit. This is the bit where the producers always try to make us guess who they’re talking about when they say things like I think he can do better, this girls definitely through and can I throw this one out now?

Eventually we got to the decisions with the boys finding out their fate first we saw a jubilant James Arthur put through as well as the shocked Jahmene Douglas who were later joined by Nathan Fagan-Gayle and Adam Burridge. The most controversial choice of the lot was the fact that Rylan Clark got through, probably this was Louis’ doing, an announcement that made the rest of the boys standing there look a pissed off. The final place in the boy’s group went to Jake Quickenden meaning that poor old returnee Joe Cox had to leave as did tearful dad Joseph Whelan. The girls group was a bit easier to predict with Ella Henderson, Amy Mottram, Jade Collins, Lucy Spraggan and Leanne Robinson all sailing off to a judge’s home. The last name to be called out was Jade and at this moment for the first time on the main X-Factor show did the producers acknowledge that Jade Richards from last year was at Boot Camp however she was beaten out by Jade Ellis who got through despite losing her step earlier in the day.

Inevitably Kye Somes was the first of the Over 28s to be picked later joined by a screaming Melanie Masson along with Nicola Marie. The fourth choice here was Brad Shackleton, somebody who I hadn’t really heard of up to this point, before Carolynne Poole became the only notable returning act to go on to Judges’ Homes. The last name to be called out was Christopher Maloney who once again almost had a heart attack when he found out and I’m convinced the judges are trying to kill him off by keeping him hanging on as long as possible. It was good to see some of my favourite groups such as Duke, Mitsotu and Rough Copy get through to the next stage along with MK1 and Poisonous Twin though I was surprised that Times Red were dismissed. Though there were no swiftly cobbled together groups this year we did get a bit of drama in this category as the two boybands Triple J and GMD3 battled it out in an a capella war which came down to the wire with the judges deciding on the latter group I assume mainly because they feel more like a band that young girls will go nuts for.

The final part of this show was finding out which judge got which category, though the news has been online for months already, and we got a bit of a cameo as Simon Cowell returned. As we’ve heard in the papers Simon’s been worried that the show is suffering without his presence so this brief two minute appearance phoning the four judges was obviously his attempt to turn things around. Though Simon’s always a welcome addition to any show I’m a bit of an X-Factor traditionalists and I love the producers sitting in a darkened room calling up the judges one by one to inform them of their fate. Here it was much more jovial as Simon told ‘Lou-Lou’ that he had the groups a decision that left him a little flummoxed while Gary got his way and secured the Over 28s. To rev up the tension Nicole and Tulisa both said they wanted the girls with the latter being absolutely ecstatic when she was given her group while the former was given the boys something she was super-stoked about despite having to listen to Rylan once again.

So we’re one step closer to those live shows now and while everybody has in their minds their perfect twelve acts remember last year we almost got Goldie Cheung for the duration of the contest. Yes not everybody you think should go through, will go through and if Louis had the boys I reckon Rylan’s chances would be considerably larger than they are. It seems that the majority of the talent lays in the Overs and Girls categories this year however there is a lot of original talent in the Groups were Louis believes he has a secret weapon. I’m just a bit worried that that secret weapon are those Poisonous Twin girls as I didn’t think they sounded that great and we all know that Mr Walsh has a penchant for singing siblings.

What did you think to tonight’s show? Did all of your favourites get through? Leave Your Comments Below.