Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe says “Jimmy Savile is innocent” and accuses alleged victims of “jumping on the bandwagon”

Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe says “Jimmy Savile is innocent” and accuses alleged victims of “jumping on the bandwagon”

The so called Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe, has claimed that the late Sir Jimmy Savile is “innocent” of the allegations of abuse that have been leveled at him…

And the serial killer went on to claim that the hundreds of people who have made accusations against Savile are merely “jumping on the bandwagon.”

The unlikely character witness is quoted by The Sun as saying, “It’s a load of rubbish. People are just getting carried away.”

On a tape recording that was “leaked” to the paper, Sutcliffe continued, “I can’t fault him from my experiences of what he was like…

“I don’t care what these people who are coming out of the woodwork are saying.

“He visited a lot. He’d always come and chat with me on visits and I would introduce him to my visitors.

“Several times he left £500 for charities I was supporting. He wrote cheques out on the spot, a very generous man he was.”

He added, “Coming forward after 40 or 50 years or whatever, they are jumping on the bandwagon.

“It only takes a couple of rumours and then it goes like wildfire. I don’t believe he raped anyone.

“I think he kissed quite a few young women but that’s as far as he’s gone…

“It’s just going crazy, they love to savage people who are dead, people who can’t hit back — or prisoners who can’t reply.”

Sutcliffe also dismissed allegations that Savile molested a Broadmoor patient during his many visits to the secure hospital during the seventies.

The paper adds, “On the tape he tells a pal, who has asked to remain anonymous: ‘Oh that’s a load of rubbish. It’s a load of crap..’”

He added, “People were always there. He was never alone with anybody, there were always people about. He never did anything at Broadmoor.

“They are just getting carried away — going right over the top.”

The paper adds that the tape provides “further disturbing evidence” of the close links between Savile and Sutcliffe, and earlier this week, the paper revealed that Sutcliffe killed his third victim, Irene Richardson, just yards from Savile’s flat in Roundhay, Leeds.

One of Savile’s alleged abuse victims yesterday urged the police to investigate links between the killer and Savile, saying, “Sutcliffe and Savile are two peas in a pod.

“It’s quite fitting the only person to stick up for Savile is Sutcliffe.

“They deserve each other.

“The police now need to seriously investigate the possibility that Jimmy Savile was a child killer.”

Meanwhile, a former nurse at Broadmoor claims that he always thought Savile was “a psychopath.”

He said, “I’d say he was a psychopath. A lot of the staff said he should be behind bars.

“We used to laugh about it in those days.”

And fellow former nurse Richard Harrison said of Savile, “I’d long considered him, as my colleagues did, as a man with a severe personality disorder and a liking for children.”

Here’s a recent news report about Savile’s frequent visits to Broadmoor…

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