Young Apprentice Results & Review: Space Face takes on Mr Splodge as David Odhiambo, Ashleigh Porter-Exley & Andrew Tindall go head to head

by Matt D

Every week on Young Apprentice we see Lord Sugar meeting the teams somewhere with a tenuous link to their task with the highlight of this year’s series being him barking his orders from atop the balcony at the Coliseum.

In this episode it seemed like he was having a bit of an off week as he simply appeared on a tablet that was delivered to the candidates’ home instructing them of their latest task which was to create a new kids club craze that would be both educational and fun.

With neither Maria nor Navdeep having been project manager up to this point both wanted to prove themselves by leading this task with both Steven and Patrick choosing the latter possibly because she’s less of a headache. All four members of Team Platinum were former successful project managers however last week’s boss David, who to be fair was guided by his team, wanted another crack at leadership as he felt his private tutor background would lend itself well to the task. Ashleigh though didn’t want another week of being David’s career so took the lead muttering something about being arty as her reason for leading the task.

A big theme throughout this year’s Young Apprentice has been the focus on market research which I’ve learnt means asking two random questions to bemused members of the public. This week all four members of Navdeep’s team went on their market researching mission which meant that she and Patrick tried some kid’s yoga while Maria and Steven went dancing with some other youngsters. Somehow they also managed to get some questions asked as Steven found out that young kids these days get to play with bunsen burners while Navdeep confirmed that children would like to participate in activities relating to outer space. The only problem was that her team knew very little about outer space with Maria and Steven struggling to name any of the planets of the solar system however the man who helped them develop the club hit on the idea of kids making their own rocket. Meanwhile Navdeep and Patrick set about creating their own mascot in Space Face who creates ‘Fun That’s Out of This World’ even though this was all a bit rubbish their website actually looked fairly impressive.

At least Navdeep’s team agreed on a theme almost straight away but after saying something about arts and crafts Ashleigh really didn’t have any other ideas. Lucy, who is now my dark horse to win the entire competition, had a very bright idea about a dance class where children could learn different dances from around the world however Ashleigh instantly shot her down. The project manager then wanted to theme her arts and crafts idea around recyclable materials and set off to a children’s art class with Andrew to test her idea. When the kids didn’t really seemed to grasp her recyclable materials plan she scrapped in favour of something called ‘The Big Mess’ which was essentially a carbon copy of the class she’d just been to. Despite Lucy trying one last attempt to promote her very good idea it seemed that her project manager had now lost all of her common sense and was instead pushing forward with her horrendous concept. The one bright spot in the whole ‘Big Mess’ was the team mascot ‘The Splodge’ which saw David donning a very abstract costume and scaring small children in the process. To be fair to David this is the most animated I’ve seen him in any week and you can see he has an affinity with children which is probably why he’s a well-respected private tutor.

Prior to Navdeep’s pitch the point that everyone was hammering home, including Karren Brady, was that she hadn’t really thought about her costings and surprise surprise this was exactly what the panel bought up with her after her team’s demonstration. In all fairness their demo went surprisingly well with Maria in particular showing herself as a game candidate and she really did well getting the children interested in scientific pursuits. The other slip-up Navdeep’s team made was not mentioning anything about training staff on how to teach the classes however I feel they were just putting doubt in our minds that maybe Odyssey weren’t as safe as they first appeared. I found though that I was able to at least define what was going on during the space club however The Big Mess appeared to be just that as the young volunteers covered themselves in paint led around by David in full ‘Mr Splodge’ gear. There was a lot of criticism levelled at the fact that parents wouldn’t be happy if their kids came home covered in paint but my main issue was that I still really didn’t have a clue what the children would actually be learning.

Despite Lord Sugar continuing to put the doubts in our heads about Navdeep’s costings, when the numbers came up her team had done incredibly well winning a massive £7,030 worth of licenses from one of the three holiday chains while Ashleigh’s team only managed to get a total of £470 overall. In the boardroom Ashleigh quarrelled with Lucy over the dance club before conceding that if she had listened to her they may well have won the task eventually deciding to send her home and bring the two boys back in with her. As we’re getting into the latter half of the contest now it’s harder to predict who’ll be fired but I’ll still have a go.

It seems that Lord Sugar’s not that sold on Andrew but I felt he would be safe this time around as he’s proved himself in several tasks up to this point. I personally believe that Andrew’s strengths lie in organisation however here he didn’t really offer anything in the way of creativity and I think that if he’d told Ashleigh her idea wasn’t that great she would’ve listened to him. Ashleigh herself made a number of mistakes however she’s proven herself in the past to be a shrewd businesswoman and someone who has a great head for figures so I always thought she may get a reprieve. So that leaves David.

Finally, Lord Sugar had heard enough to make his decision. He said:

“Andrew – I’ve come across lots of people in this boardroom here, and I’ve seen people that are very good at ducking and diving, so to speak. I don’t know whether I’ve got your card marked. Let me put it this way, I know everything, I’ve seen everything, I’ve done everything, I’ve seen every type of person. What worries me, young man, about you is that perhaps you’re one of those people I don’t like. David – It’s like an old broken record, you’ve been here four times, I’ve let you remain in the process. Ashleigh – one step forward, two steps backwards. I really had you down as a contender for this. This is the biggest disaster that we’ve had in the five weeks. It is regretful that you have gone backwards in the way that you have. David – basically nothing ever went right for you. You could be a very unlucky fellow but sometimes there’s no smoke without fire. For that reason, regretfully David – You’re Fired.”

As he leaves in the taxi, David said: “Some would say that being in the boardroom four times is bad luck but I see it as having the best business class from one of the top businessmen in the world. I’m going to take that and apply that to the rest of my life.”

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