Young Apprentice Episode Four: Alice Smith fails to communicate with her team while David Odhiambo loses his head during the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

by Matt D

I can’t be the only one who wonders how Nick Hewer and Karren Brady sort out which subteam they follow during each task on both the Young and standard versions of The Apprentice. This week for example the teams are tasked with creating an afternoon tea party and while Karren traipses round Tesco with two team members Nick gets to enjoy a cream cake as the other team conduct some ‘market research’. I did find as well that this episode was the one in which both were fairly vocal with Karren later asking customers what they thought to the service while Nick’s opinions were used by Lord Sugar in the boardroom when deciding who was responsible for the failure of this week’s task.

But let’s journey back to the beginning of the episode where Lord Sugar met the teams at The Cutty Sark, because it apparently transported tea from India, to inform them of the tea party task as well as the fact that David will be leading Team Platinum while Alice was taking the reins of Odyssey. The two teams had to create a theme and David decided on a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party idea which to be honest was one of the only decisions he made throughout the day as his team took control. For example in the aforementioned Tesco segment Ashleigh guided David around the supermarket instructing him on what everything would cost and also how much they should charge for their tea party which included the rather suspect dish of jam and cheese sandwiches which must be a Northern delicacy. David was also lucky to have baking entrepreneur Lucy on his team who was able to apply her creative skills to the theme and made some really funky neon-coloured cakes and scones.

To be fair to David at least he had a clear theme which was more than could be said of Alice’s team as she initially came up with a 1940s theme before claiming she wanted high end products confusing the majority of her co-workers in the process. I feel she was also doomed when she hammered home that teamwork would win the task and wouldn’t you know as soon as the team separated communication broke down with Maria once again being the first to moan about having a bad project manager. To be fair Alice wasn’t doing herself any favours as she and Patrick, accompanied by Nick, sat in a posh hotel sampling cakes and sandwiches later ignoring the phone call from her sub-team who had conducted a very shoddy market research session. This communication breakdown continued when Alice’s remit for her cake design was a little vague claiming she wanted something traditional but with a little twist though at the same time they had to ooze class. Later there was an also an argument about price as Alice wanted to charge £10 while Maria wanted to go up to £16 in addition Alice seemed obsessed by offering concessions however the team disagreed with offering discounts claiming that old people would be their biggest market.

This dissension in Team Platinum seemed to suggest that they would have a dreadful day two but their day got off to a cracking start which was mainly down to Andrew’s brilliant organisational skill in the kitchen. After an initial rush though things died down with many customers deterred by the high pricing and the fact that none of the team wanted to offer any discounts. Alice sent Navdeep and an uninterested Maria around Blenheim Palace, which features on TV a lot tonight, in the hope of drumming up more custom however the duo didn’t really do much but look lost for a bit before returning back to base camp. Eventually the team decided to half their prices which tempted in a few more customers before the five o’clock deadline however it still seemed like their massive lull would cost them dearly. Team Odyssey meanwhile had a disaster thanks to David’s terrible organisation of the kitchen which meant that all four team members were busy in the kitchen rather than tending to their customers in the other tent. Eventually Ashleigh and Lucy took control of the event and things started to flow much better with the lower prices and brightly coloured cakes tempting a lot more families than Alice’s steeply-priced quality product did.

In the boardroom Sugar was shocked at David’s lack of decisiveness while Alice’s team praised her organisation on the second day of the task though did mention she was hard to contact on the first. When the numbers came in it was clear that once again Ashleigh’s thrifty nature had paid off as they made over £200 more profit than Alice’s team. While Team Platinum went swimming with sharks it was a trip to the Bridge Cafe where Alice admitted that she’d struggle to pick two people to bring back to the boardroom with her mainly because most of the poor decisions were hers alone. In the end she mysteriously bought back Navdeep as well as the argumentative Maria who I’m sure she hoped Sugar would’ve tired off by now and fired over the flighty project manager. So once again I ask whose going to go?

I would tentatively say that Navdeep is safe though she is someone we haven’t seen a lot of I think she has made some contribution to each task. Having said that Sugar did bring up her lack of business experience and he doesn’t like people who don’t put themselves out there something that Navdeep really hasn’t done. Personally I would like to see Maria fired as she really winds me up and is always the first person to criticise her project manager when she doesn’t feel they’ve done the right thing. Maria may end up getting fired over her persistence in raising the price of their teas however it could be argued that if she hadn’t done this they would’ve made even less money than they did. Ultimately though it was Alice who made the biggest mistakes throughout the day by not giving her team enough clear instructions on day one and not slashing the prices earlier enough on day two so if it goes on this week alone I think she’ll be fired. Only time will tell who’ll be around next week however I’m guessing that Karren’s hoping that she gets to go on a fun excursion next week as Nick did this week however as Mr Hewer is the more senior member of the duo I doubt this will ever happen.

What did you think to this week’s episode of Young Apprentice? Who do you think should’ve been fired? Leave Your Comments Below.

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  1. Mr B on November 23, 2012 at 3:51 pm

    Wrong decision Lord Sugar, Maria should of got the axe here but you cannot help but think she is saved to make ‘Good TV’.

    The main reasons she should of been fired is that it most definelty gives the wrong message to possible young viewers that it is right to do follwing:

    A) Blatently lie, you’ll get away with it despite being filmed (I refer to them saying Traditional with A Twist was not clear!?!?!?! and also the pricing)

    B) Shout across people to get your voice heard is the right thing to do rather than be articulate.

    C) Refer to people as idiots is perfectly acceptable when they disagree with you.

    This young girl has a lot of growing up to do and it is frghtening at how mature this immature little madame is!

    Amy wasn’t great on day 1 but was really good on day 2 plus she had dignity in the boardroom whilst the others shrieked like Fish wives, go out with your head held high.

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