Young Apprentice Episode Seven: It’s a race for the toilet as the Steven Cole & Andrew Tindall target festival-goers at Womad

by Matt D

In my last review of Young Apprentice I predicted that the hair product task would result in a double firing however I was wrong and as we learnt this week two members of the losing team would be let go by Lord Sugar.

Sugar himself delivered the news directly to the candidates as he arrived at the house surveying the property as if he were a parent returning early from holiday to discover his kids had held a raucous house party.

His news though was of this week’s task in which he lay on products for both teams to sell at a festival and after each had picked two items they had to sell them and the winning team would ultimately be the one that had the largest combines sales and assets. The only problem with the task is that the festival the kids were selling at was world festival event ‘Womad’ which one of the candidates describes as ‘middle-agey’ and even seasoned festival goer Steven struggled to know what sort of items would appeal to the Womad massive. Talking of Steven he was eager to project manage the task however so was Lucy and Andrew’s swing vote went in favour of the latter as her last attempt at project management resulted in a win. Over on the other team Maria wanted Ashleigh to lead the task however Ashleigh felt sorry for Patrick and let him being the leader of the team as he hadn’t had been in charge since week one. As Patrick took over the team I already felt that Platinum were at a disadvantage though as Ashleigh said she’d make sure to keep an eye on the figures I thought they were still in with a shot.

The teams were then tasked with selecting products from a myriad of items including folding chairs, onesies, vegan facepaint and portable washing machines. While two thirds of each team were busy picking out products we saw Andrew and Ashleigh carrying out the now infamous market research something that this series of Young Apprentice seems to have been built around. For some reason Andrew decided that an inner-city shopping centre was the best place to go to find festival-goers but shockingly hardly anybody he asked had been to a festival. Ashleigh on the other hand headed to Camden Lock which was flooded not only by regular festival-goers but with people who were familiar with Womad and the type of crowd that it attracts. The only issue here was that Patrick and Maria had already chosen the products they wanted, which were umbrella folding chairs and a portable toilet, meaning her research was pointless and leaving her rightly annoyed. Odyssey also wanted the toilet, alongside the washing machine, so as is always the way in these buying tasks both teams had to meet the inventors and predictably one team’s pitch was a lot livelier. That pitch came from Ashleigh, who Patrick rightfully sent to meet the toilet representative, as she gushed over his product telling him how much she loved it and why her team would be the best match for his product. Despite Andrew wanting to meet the toilet man it was Lucy and Steven who led the pitch however the latter thought it was more important to haggle over the price and showed little enthusiasm for the product at all. Unsurprisingly then it was Platinum who won the toilet meaning that Odyssey had to make do with the onesie however this decision may not have been a bad one after all.

Day two saw the candidates head off to Womad with my highlight of the entire day being Nick Hewer’s festival get-up and his overall aura of someone who really didn’t fit in and had no intentions of trying to do so. For my money Team Platinum’s stand looked more professional and had the ‘Take a Seat’ theme with the umbrella chairs decorating the stand and the portable toilets also being sold to campers by Maria and Ashleigh. Meanwhile it was the onesies that took pride of place at Odyssey’s stall with Steven and Lucy both wearing them with pride which meant a tired looking Andrew had to lug those washing machines around the entire campsite. To me Odyssey’s lack of market research and festival attendance was an issue as any seasoned festival-goer knows that you just back enough clothes for the weekend and wash them when you get back home. Obviously Andrew, who apparently is a regular ‘glamper’, wasn’t aware of this and his plea of the usefulness of the washing machine fell on deaf ears and eventually dejected he was tempted into a onesie as all three members of the team tried desperately to flog their more popular product. Maria and Ashleigh were having an equally hard time as the Womad toilets were touted as being particularly clean therefore there was very little need for their cardboard box with a bag in it. As we all know by now Patrick’s sales approach isn’t great and here he removed the price tags from the umbrella chairs and let the buyers decide how much they were willing to spend on the seats. As the teams’ time at Womad came to an end it was time for a long shower and more importantly a change of clothing for Nick Hewer who just doesn’t look right when he’s not wearing a suit.

In the boardroom Patrick was chastised for not listening to Asheligh’s market research while Odyssey were also told that their washing machine idea was a bad one. When the figures came it was revealed that Platinum’s total was just over £50 better than Odyssey’s so they all made it into the final while Steven, Lucy and Andrew had to fight for the one remaining place. Andrew argued that if he’d been allowed to pitch to the toilet man then they would’ve won that product while Steven and Lucy both thought that if Andrew had sold one washing machine then they’d have won the task. For me the main issue was the products they picked as if they’d gone for a smaller item, say the face-paint, then they’d have made a bigger profit as a lot of festival-goers are attracted to novelty items over practical essentials. Usually I ask you whose going to go but this week it’s all about whose going to stay.

I do believe that Andrew will definitely go this week as this is yet another task he’s failed and although he didn’t really contribute much to the failure of it I just don’t think his Lordship likes the Northern lad enough to give him the final spot. It’s harder to decide who’ll go from Steven and Lucy because I still think that Steven is one of Lord Sugar’s favourite candidates in the whole process as he sees a lot of himself in the likely lad. Having said that it was Steven’s dodgy pitch to the toilet entrepreneur that lost them a product which arguably would’ve won them the task so Sugar could feasibly fire him if needs be. While being the losing project manager will count against this is the first time that Lucy has ever been in the final three and in every task she’s been in she has tried her upmost to help her team win. Lucy’s downfall may be that she doesn’t speak up enough when she knows the task is doomed to fail, such as in the kid’s activity club challenge, and Sugar doesn’t really like people who hide in the background. So my prediction would be that Andrew and Lucy will be the two to be fired however Lucy could well make it into the final also. As for whose going to win I think the smart money is on Ashleigh who for the most part has proven herself to be the wisest of those left in the contest however my predictions are hardly ever right as I wouldn’t for one minute have picked Patrick as one of the final four.

Who do you think should stay this week? Who’s your favourite to win? Leave Your Comments Below.