Young Apprentice 2012 Episode Six: Maria Doran’s hairspray is tacky in a good way while Andrew Tindall confuses everyone with his Chameleon

by Matt D

I always feel with Young Apprentice that there are far too many contestants for an eight week series which is evidenced by the fact that we’re already essentially at the quarter final stage and there are still seven candidates. Unlike the adult version of The Apprentice there are no interview stages which instead will mean that Lord Sugar will have to administer a couple of double firings one of which I reckon will happen at the end of tonight’s programme.

Thankfully, after appearing in tablet form last week, Lord Sugar was back with the candidates as he met them in an upmarket London hair salon to inform them of this week’s task. In a shocking Apprentice occurrence the venue were the candidates met him actually related to the task as they had to create then produce an advert on a new hair product. As the opening scenes of The Apprentice always seem to feature the candidates busily preparing their hair it would appear as if most of them would be up for project managing the task however this week it was up to Lord Sugar to pick the teams. Andrew was picked to head up an Odyssey team that consisted of Lucy, Navdeep and Steven while Maria took the reins of Platinum leading Ashleigh and Patrick. As we saw last week both Lucy and Navdeep said that Andrew was a nightmare to work with so I’m guessing it wasn’t coincidence that he ended up leading their time however initially they worked well together coming up with the idea they wanted to develop a new gel for indie guys. Strong female types Ashleigh and Maria also cooperated briefly, while Patrick spent most of the episode lurking in the background, agreeing on a new hairspray for the modern woman.

It seems though that the modern women, or young adults at least, were reduced to giggling schoolgirls as Navdeep and Lucy went to meet with some laddish indie rockers to carry out some all-important market research. This market research basically saw the two girls read a list of names that the team had suggested for their brand with Chameleon being the most popular. Obviously taking these four men as the experts over the entire industry Lucy and Navdeep rushed to tell Andrew their news however the reason they picked Chameleon in the first place was that it stands out but late they realised that a chameleon’s job is actually to blend in. As they quickly went through a list of disastrous names Andrew made the final decision that they’d actually stick with the Chameleon brand name regardless of its meaning. While Andrew and Steven made even more decisions, including picking the male models that would be used in their advert in what was possibly the funniest scene of the episode; the two girls felt frustrated and later were horrified when they found out that their product bottle was bright green.

The image of the product was also a bone of contention between Maria and Ashleigh as they wanted to fashion their product around the image of a strong and sexy woman so called it strexy. Ashleigh’s market research was possibly the most bizarre of the series as she headed down to a local roller derby to meet their team who told her that they felt stroxy worked better as a name as it had the word ‘rox’ in the middle of it. Not listening to the market research, which is always a bad idea, Maria instead was more focused on designing her product adding a sort of pink and brown leopard print design to her bottle she wanted to make it as tacky as possible but ‘tacky in a good way’. Ashleigh wasn’t a fan of this and the two continued to row on day two as they co-directed the advert for their product which saw a female boxer knock out two male opponents with her hair. I personally found every aspect of this advert dated from the slightly seedy boxing hall to the ‘girl power’ image projected throughout and I thought the only way things could’ve been worse is if Adam from this year’s series of The Apprentice had turned up and offered to help with the choreography.

Andrew meanwhile took it upon himself to be director of a shoot in which three different guys would emerge from a changing room at a swimming pool find the bottle of gel and use it to create three different looks. The problem was that nobody explained why the gel bottle was hanging around in the first place and indeed why these three men didn’t fear that the original owner of the bottle would come and claim it. For me though it was the better of the two adverts and it certainly felt more like a commercial you’d see on the TV after Andrew employed a little bit of humour to the end of the ad by having the cocky French guy trailing toilet paper from his shoe. The concept of the Chameleon was still confusing people and at the pitch the next even expert-pitcher Navdeep struggled to define what the connection was between their gel and the camouflaging reptile. Meanwhile at Maria’s pitch the ‘industry experts’ questioned whether her advert was dated and the answer to that would be yes however that didn’t seem to bother them too much.

The problem I have with these sorts of tasks is that Lord Sugar can pick either team as winners and it just so happened Maria’s team won after Sugar praised her for shoving the bottle down everyone’s throats, not literally of course. His reasons for Andrew’s failure were the mixed messages of the advert and the confusion over the chameleon logo both of which are valid points but I still found Chameleon more appealing than Strexy. In the boardroom all of Andrew’s team turned on him blaming him for the failure of the task however I’d like to stick up for the lad because at least he had ideas while everyone just saw problems. With Andrew picking Navdeep and Steven to join him in the boardroom I’ll ask again who’ll go?

I just can’t see it being Steven as Lord Sugar seems to be very high on this young man who he sees as someone who hasn’t needed a lot of education to get ahead. Navdeep may well go as she hasn’t really proved herself as an all-rounder and while I’ll admit she’s delivered some excellent pitches overall she’s hidden in the background. On this task in particular she made it her mission not to get too involved as I feel she wanted Andrew to fail and that he did. In my opinion though it will be Andrew that goes purely because Sugar doesn’t seem to like him very much, given the comments he made last week anyhow, though as we know he does rub his fellow contestants up the wrong way which may be a reason for him to stay in order to create good television. If I am right with my prediction of a double firing then it will be both Andrew and Navdeep biting the dust however if that dual elimination doesn’t happen then the project manager will be dismissed and we’ll say goodbye to two recruits next week.

Who do you think should be fired? Who are your favourites to win? Leave Your Comments Below.

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  1. Cheryl Peers on December 7, 2012 at 4:36 pm

    I love this more than the adult version. I am addicted to Andrew’s expressions – it was hypnotically hilarious when he had to pick male models for his product and I was as amazed as he seemed to be that Lord Sugar did not deliver him a bitter pill last night. The other contestants were vile to him, and I felt sorry for the lad because he acted on his own ideas, whereas the others had no ideas to offer.

    I also adore the feisty Irish Maria – for her personality. She must appreciate that “tacky” is not a good look, but I would not like to argue the toss with her, because I fear that I would lose dismally. I especially admire her fashion sense and secretly covet her blue scarf.

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