Young Apprentice 2012 review & results: Steven Cole struggles, Amy Corrigan is fired, while Andrew Tindall’s management style frustrates Maria Doran and Patrick McDowell

by Matt D

At the start of this latest series of Young Apprentice I was extolling the virtues of this younger version of the reality show claiming that these teenagers were a lot more together than their older counterparts. Two weeks on and the whole programme has descended into petty name calling as was witnessed last week with the many arguments that flared up between the girls. This week was no different as David found that Amy was impervious to his flirting techniques while the majority of Andrew’s Team Odyssey began yelling at him after they believed they’d lost this week’s task.

The task this week was an Apprentice classic as the teams had to source ten props for an opera and as ever could only use the good old Yellow Pages to find the items. Lord Sugar met the teams at the Colosseum, which as the cultured of us know is the home of the English National Opera, however for added dramatic effect he stood high above them on the balcony as if he were delivering a sermon. Instead of a sermon he delivers the rules of the tasks as well as some team shake-ups with David joining Platinum and both Navdeep and Alice moving to Odyssey. After two weeks in the final three, David desperately wanted to be Project Manager however his female team-mates weren’t swayed by his charms instead handing the leadership to last week’s star player Steven. On the other team down-to-Earth Northern lad Andrew was chosen as the Project Manager however it seemed that his team were ready to stab him in the back at the first possible moment.

As is always the way on these buying tasks there was at least one item that none of the candidates could identify and in the case of Steven’s team it was a blasted candelabrum. The problem was they couldn’t pronounce it and as the day dragged on a game of Chinese Whispers occurred which led to David asking one bemused shopkeeper if he currently had any Bandle Drums in stock. The other item that both teams struggled with was votives and I have to admit that even I wasn’t sure what they were until I use a popular search engine to discover they were candles. I had to explain to my brother, who was watching this episode with me, that the teams are not allowed to use search engines a concept that seems so archaic but one that I’m sure Sugar would explain away by saying something like ‘we didn’t have Google when I was your age’.

Another issue that always arises during this task is how to source the items and then how to split the teams equally in order to successfully buy the items before the end of the day. Steven didn’t spend long trolling through the phone books provided instead getting his teams out on the road straight away so they could locate their items while buying others. While Steven was a decent Project Manager throughout his mistake was to let David lead the subteam of Amy and Lucy obviously believing him when he said he could get any woman to do anything he wanted simply by flirting with them. It became quite evident that David had never encountered a young woman like Amy before as she began snapping at him after he chastised her for letting Lucy take over her pitch during a bargaining session with a belligerent garden centre manager. Later Amy took offence to David talking over her while she was trying to get directions to a certain shop it seemed that he just thought he was being helpful however instead of asking him politely to stop talking over her once again she launched into a large tirade. While Steven and Ashleigh weren’t having any issues with each other they struggled to find a German car, primarily because they didn’t know which brands were actually German, eventually resigning themselves to the fact that they would have to return to the Colosseum without this particular item.

If they’d return to the Colosseum a little earlier then they may well have run into the majority of Andrew’s team who were kept their most of the day sourcing items. While Steven’s bunch sped off almost instantaneously it appeared as if Andrew wanted to take things slowly wanting to source each item before the team left to collect them. After aimlessly ringing around random vendors, Patrick sprung on the idea to actually find where they were on the map and after he did this they had found at least half of the items they needed. Andrew took Alice with him to get the first few items but he left Navdeep, Maria and Patrick behind who seemed to spend more time complaining about his poor project management skills than actually doing any work. What annoyed me was that they could’ve asked Andrew if they could leave when they’d found a couple more items but instead they almost wanted to fail the task just so they could demonstrate what a poor leader Andrew had been. Odyssey did do a couple of things that Platinum didn’t manage to namely to source the car, which they bought for an incredibly small price, as well as identify those blasted votives and that blasted candelabrum. All members of Odyssey also made it back to the Colosseum on time, something Platinum didn’t manage, however this just meant that the majority of Andrew’s team could have a go at him.

This complaining continued into the boardroom, where once again Maria made sure her voice was heard, as Lord Sugar was appalled that Odyssey didn’t leave the Colosseum till lunchtime as well as with the fact that they only managed to find half of the items on the list. Steven’s team had better things to say about him however Amy and Lucy’s verdict of David wasn’t that satisfactory and this time it was harder to actually defend himself that it had been in the past. I have to say I was a little shocked when it was revealed that Odyssey had actually won and this was mainly down to the fact that they managed to get the car while Platinum didn’t. Personally if I knew the price of each item would count as a penalty if I didn’t find it I would definitely source the most expensive item first and go from there however Steven didn’t think of this. Sugar’s evaluation of the task seemed to be that Platinum failed because they didn’t find the car and they weren’t that organise while David’s subteam management skills were also put under the spotlight. Unlike Sean last week, I felt that Steven chose the right two people to take back into the boardroom as David and Amy were put into the line of fire along with himself but who will go?

In the boardroom, they discussed David’s leadership of the sub-team, with Amy exclaiming: “You were incredibly lazy… you were useless.” David retorted: “You were constantly rude to people on the phone, you were constantly rude to me.”

Finally, Lord Sugar had heard enough to make his decision:

“Steven – on this task, you have completely messed it up, in my view. You were completely out of control. David – I like your fighting spirit, I really do. There is an element of no smoke without fire. We’re only in week three and you have a 100% record of being here. Amy – I don’t like this rather powerful and blunt method of dealing with people, that is certainly not a way forward. From what I’ve heard today and from a bit of observation I’ve had in the past from Nick and Karren, it is with regret that I’m going to actually say – Amy – You’re Fired!”

As she was driven away Amy said: “This isn’t the end of my business dreams. Today was a massive knock but if anything it’s going to have to make me stronger.”

Who do you think will be fired? Did you know what votives were? Leave Your Comments Below.


  1. Bazza on November 16, 2012 at 3:35 pm

    The more cultured of us know that ENO is based at the Coliseum in St Martin’s Lane; the Colloseum is the Roman amphitheatre.

  2. Bazza on November 16, 2012 at 3:45 pm

    Sorry, Colosseum…

  3. Karen H. on November 16, 2012 at 6:37 pm

    You really have to wonder about the overall general education level. Struggling with “candelabrum?” Really? They should have known that one by the time they were 10. And apparently, none of them are practicing Catholics, else they’d have known what a “votive” was — particularly given another item was “candelabrum.”

    This challenge overall was a bit bogus in that real property masters would have also canvassed the property shops of other theatres to see what they had in stock and what could be borrowed. If it was me, I’d have fired David on this one – he really was useless and made no contribution at all. But fortunately the girl who did get kicked off shot her mouth off to Lord Sugar — had she not done that, and just shut up and taken the criticism, she’d have probably remained. And that smarmy David is NOT God’s gift to women — and really should have STFU when he kept talking when it was apparent his team mate was trying to get an address — he needed to shut his pie-hole — especially as he was just coasting.

  4. Mikee Nonce on November 17, 2012 at 10:44 am

    I was so glad to see this female Jimmy Hill genetic throwback get fired, what a thoroughly obnoxious piece of work. Any man that behaved like that would quite rightly have been punched in the face but this is a classic example of what Daddies little girls are turning into these days, they know they can be offensive to people and there will be no consequences. The lads did the right thing and just sat back and watched Amy dig a hole for herself and then climb in unassisted. I hope she reads this which is quite likely as she is obviously self centred and self obsessed. What a relief it was to hear the words Amy you’re fired, I just don’t think I could have suffered watching this disgraceful any longer. Amy Corrigan, good riddance to bad rubbish!!!

  5. punched indeed on November 17, 2012 at 4:04 pm

    Mikee, how many aggressive male candidates have there been on the Apprentice who regularly argue vociferously? Quite a lot. And how many have been punched in the face? Zero. In fact, most of them are given passes for their behavior and told that Lord Grubbly likes their fighting spirit.

    Female candidates, on the other hand, have only to raise their voices to be saddled with “obnoxious bitch” and shown the door.

    That said, she clearly WAS too angry to handle working with others – from the scene in the car where she started snapping at people who hadn’t even done anything yet, to making stuff up to have a go at Stephen during the boardroom. She just fell apart there and was firing in all directions. Hopefully she’ll grow out of it.

    I would still have fired David – he’s totally useless and incapable of even recognising it – but Amy won’t exactly be missed.

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