Young Apprentice Episode Two: Alice Smith has trouble with courgettes while Sean Spooner struggles to control Maria Doran

by Matt D

BBC Young Apprentice candidates 2012

Watching the opening episode of last week’s Young Apprentice I found it easy to guess the outcome following Patrick’s overspend on tailoring while I also knew that Max would be the one to be fired after hiding in the background during the car boot sale.

This week though, I found the results hard to predict as both teams made glaring errors, had fairly strong disagreements and gave fairly disastrous pitches during their task while I’m still not sure whose going home but more on that later. The episode started off in Sketch Restaurant in South London where Lord Sugar informed the teams that they were to produce a recipe book a task that should really have been given during the standard Apprentice series as most of these kids don’t look they even know where the kitchen is in their house. There was a slight change in the teams as Irish Maria swapped places with last week’s super salesman Steven which meant that the latter had to put up with a bunch of catty girls while the former had to exert her authority over a group of lads.

Maria’s strategy started when she put herself forward to project manage the task because she was a girl however she didn’t figure that teammate Sean was the world’s youngest publisher so in the end he was chosen to front the team. There was a similar tussle on Team Platinum where keen baker Lucy and farmer’s daughter Alice who admitted she didn’t have the baking experience of her rival so Lucy was eventually chosen to be Project Manager. Platinum chose to target the student market with Steven coming up with the idea of a comic book format and later ‘Where’s Mummy?’ was chosen as the title of the book. They also decided to add a hashtag to appeal to the Twitter market something Nick Hewer seemed completely confused about but as someone who follows him I know he tweets on a regular basis so he was obviously instructed to act like the clueless old man. Continuing to try and get her voice heard Maria pushed for a book focusing on recipes for the professional woman however several of the lads disagreed with her idea to target just one gender. Their worries were confirmed after David and Andrew attended a focus group of office workers who instructed them to target professional people rather than just women however Sean overruled the duo after Maria had another one of her outbursts. David wasn’t happy about the decision claiming that Maria was essentially leading the team but I reckon Sean would’ve done anything any of the girls told him because end of the day he’s a teenage boy.

Lucy separated her team sending Alice, Ashleigh and Amy off to meet a chef in order to concoct their recipes for the student cookbook however Amy seemed to think that students mainly ate junk food so created a new dish of ‘peanut butter nachos’. After leaving the chef, the trio knew the ingredients needed for their dishes but hadn’t bothered to write down any recipes causing Lucy to get frustrated and in turn saw the threesome criticise her for poor project management. The fact that there were no recipes meant that Lucy’s sub-team had to try to recreate the dishes however they didn’t exactly look very appetising meanwhile the other girls criticised Lucy for running behind which cause yet another screaming match between all of the female members of the team. I have to say that I felt for poor Steven who essentially spent most of the task rolling his eyes and wondering what he’d done to be put on this team but at least his front cover design made their book look eye-catching when they were delivered the next morning. The only problem was that there were many glaring spelling mistakes with the misspelt words including ratatouille, potatoes and rashers while Alice took the blame several times for having trouble spelling courgettes.

The teams then had to decide who would lead both pitches and there were no surprises when Maria got her own way once again by getting to speak to the buyers while Andrew volunteered to do the cooking. The team of Maria and Andrew actually worked quite well together with the former employing a warm conversational style while the latter was able to demonstrate their supposedly quick meals in no time at all. It appeared though that Sean wanted to seem like a kindly project manager so had Patrick and David take over during the final pitch to Waterstones which turned out to be rather disastrous due to the young fashion designer looking down at his cards for most of the time he was talking. I personally feel thought that Odyssey didn’t have a squirm-inducing moment like Platinum did when Amy told the Waterstones representatives that the majority of their customers were old and middle class something they surprisingly took offence to.

The girls’ squabbling continued into the boardroom with Alice and friends lay into Lucy’s project management skills once again while it was up to Steven to be the voice of reason here trying to explain the argument to Lord Sugar. Obviously his Lordship bought up Platinum’s spelling mistakes, he especially found the term rashes of bacon a source of amusement, while Odyssey got it in the neck for not actually including the term ‘recipe book’ on their front cover. As I said I was shocked when the totals were read out and Platinum received 6,700 more orders than Odyssey meaning that Lucy’s team won a trip to a deserts bar while Sean and friends had to trek to the Bridge Cafe. Back in the boardroom Sean directed a lot of at Maria claiming that she pushed forward the professional woman idea ahead of the advice from the focus group. Lord Sugar bought up the fact that Sean changed the teams around on the third pitch claiming that cost him an order from Waterstones however Sainsbury’s also didn’t order any copies and they were given the Andrew and Maria treatment. Lord Sugar felt Patrick’s poor pitching skills should’ve landed him in the bottom three however Sean chose Maria and David to face the finger of fear along with himself.

So who will be the second casualty of the boardroom? I feel it’s very bad luck that David has found himself in the line of fire once again though, as Karren pointed out, he did little in this task other than assist Andrew in his various duties. I think Sean’s biggest mistake was listening to Maria’s constant moaning rather than taking Andrew’s advice regarding the focus group and with both David and Maria placing the blame on him it seems that he could well be going. Personally though I’m going to predict that Maria is going home this week as Lord Sugar doesn’t seem to have really taken to her since the start of the programme and in this task she basically shouted and shouted till she got her own way. In terms of potential winners I’m thinking the two strongest candidates are Andrew and Steven as they both proven themselves to be fairly sensible and both sold well last week although it is still very early days. As always come back to this site tonight after the show has ended to see if I was right in predicting Maria’s exit from the process or if one of the boys went home instead.

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  1. Jack on November 22, 2012 at 10:12 pm

    Early contenders are Andrew and Ashley. Patrick should be fired, he’s absolutely useless and Maria is very aggressive and Lord Sugar doesnt like it.

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